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I am Suchona Nandi pursuing  GWDD+ (2nd sem) course from Arena Animation Park Street….

So today I am going to share something which I have experienced for the very first time and I will never forget it…. The students of Thor Lab has a tradition of doing a Monthly Activity every month…. As I have just started my 2nd sem, I didn’t got a chance to participate in any activity… This month’s activity is the first one i participated into… So as January is the month of Republic Day , we all thought of doing something based on Republic Day….We came up with a lot of ideas but none of them were “wow”. Doing a skit or doing any craft is very common. So suddenly we came up with an idea of doing something out of the box and out of the APS. As Republic Day is all about the citizens, we thought of doing something for the people… So after a lot of discussions we decided to do something for the unprivileged children. We got in touch with a school which teaches the unprivileged student. The school’s name is YehMera India and it is situated in Lovelock, Ballygunj.



On 24th January, we the students of Thor Lab gathered early in the morning to get ready for the monthly activity. To be honest I have never done anything like this in my life, so I was very much excited. We planned that we will spend the day with the children, we will give them gifts and food and will celebrate Republic Day. So we bought a lot of chocolates, biscuits, stationaries and fruits for them. Special thanks to Mr. Ramesh Ruia sir for his contribution and his support and encouragement. As the children’s school gets over at 3pm, we decided to go their at that time only. Before going there , we all packed some gifts we bought for them, and arranged all the things we were supposed to take for them. We reached there before 3pm, half of the children were already there and half of them came after few minutes. There were children of all age, from 6years to 16years. At first we told them to give introduction of themselves. Then we conducted a Drawing Competition. Chetna Mam was the judge, and she selected two students who were first and second. Thank you mam for taking out time for the activity and joining us. We gave them two gifts and they seemed to started enjoying , which made all of us very happy. Their smile were precious. After that we played “passing the ball” game. Again we gave gifts to the one who became first and second. They were very happy. Then we distributed the things we bought for them. Their were overwhelmed to get those gifts. After seeing their reaction we clearly understood that they didn’t expected so many gifts. The smiles and happiness we got from them was the best thing. Then we asked the teacher of the school to cut the cake we bought , they all were very happy to eat that. At last we all sang the National Anthem with  a flag in hand. We ended the activity by taking a review from the children on how they enjoyed the day. Their answers made us the happiest because they were  really happy , and we saw that in their eyes. We really didn’t expected that the activity will be such a great success. The kids were happy and  so do we , they reminded all of us our childhood. A huge thanks to our mentor Mr. SomnathChakrabarty sir , who encouraged us in making this activity a success.

The important lesson I learnt from this activity is that putting on smile on other’s face is the ultimate satisfaction.

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