One Day or Day One…You Decide


Hello! I’m Bhaswati Ghosh. I’m going to share my journey of 15 months course in Arena Animation, Park Street.

As a student I always have an interest in creative fields and never wanted to choose the stereotype career options. Now-a-days Graphics & Web designing is a great career option. So I choose to enter this field to become professional. Joining Arena Animation, Park Street is one of the finest decisions that I had made in my life.

The very first thing I want to share about Arena Animation, Park Street is, the atmosphere is very friendly. All the faculties are very helpful & they did answer all of our questions without any delay.

I feel lucky to get admitted in Graphics & Web designing & Development and learning web design & development under the guidance of my respected Sir. He is one of the best persons I have made in my life till now & the ultimate source of my motivation to be focused on my goal. He never teaches us in bookish oriented manner & keep encouraging us every day to learn more and more new things. His teaching method not only helps to improve our way of studying but to become a good human being. I’m very thankful to get the immense support, encouragement.  Above all GWDD is like a family. We also get the opportunity to express our creative skills, to work as a team in ” Monthly Activity”. It has been a truly unforgettable journey with GWDD family of APS.

Thank you APS for giving me the platform which I needed.



Whoever said, slowing down is giving up on life?

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Hello, I’m Kunal Chakraborty from Singur.I joined Arena Animation , Park Street 15 months ago & now there are just few hours remaining to leave my institute.After completing collage, lots of negetive thoughts started to appear in my mind. I thought for a while, that this may be the end.But somewhere there was a strong belief in my mind that, this is the beginning. I thought, what should I do right now ? Where can I utilize my potentiality ? Then just I came to know about Arena Animation, Park Street & this course GWDD(Graphic,Web Design & Development) , which is ruling the entire digital world. Instantly, I took the decision & got admission.Today,i feel happy that my guardian  taken one of the best decision for my life.

For me ,Arena Animation , Park Street isn’t only an Institute,it’s the family where I grew up in the last one & half year. During this course , i never felt for a moment that i am just doing a normal class , It was like my home where i can do all the works with full freedom.All the emotions has already mixed. The bondage ,the love that we all have shared during this wonderful journey through this course , it’s unforgettable.

Faculties are very very helpful. They provided me whatever i needed. They helped me in so many ways.I learned so many things from them. The whole atmosphere is very friendly & always feel motivated.

Let me come to that person, my teacher, my mentor. He is incredible in so many ways. I not only learned  how to do work in proper manner , but also learned how to build a team , how to stay focused on career . He had taken care of me like a Big Brother & never left my hands in any situation.He shows me the right path. I learned from him the most important lesson of my life – how to become a good human being!. Without his proper guidance & care i may not be in this position , today where i am.

It is very hard to believe for me that this lovely journey finally comes to an end . I got a lifetime bonding ,family ,friends & thousands of memory that i will take away with me. I will miss the fragrance of every corner of my Pinocchio Lab . I will miss the every second that i spent in this small room. I will miss my friends , who stood by my side in every situation. My experience in Arena Animation , Park Street with GWDD was amazing.This place will always hold a special place in my heart. My love for APS , GWDD , Pinocchio Lab can’t be expressed within just 300 words.Sorry!!!



Hi! My name is Chetna Kumari and my course has almost come to an end. Right from the time I started researching institutes during my college days, Arena Animation, Park Street, was among those I was targeting. The things that caught my attention was its reputation, position and experiences of the ex-students.

Graphic Design has always been one of my creative interests and when I joined APS, not only were my skills sharpened, but I also discovered hidden talents that I had within me. Apart from studies, I also got the opportunity to showcase my talents on our Monthly Activity Day. I learnt team coordination and team work and I also got to know my friends better.

The faculties of APS are very sincere, dedicated and approachable. Every time I missed a lesson, I got the opportunity to do extra classes and I was provided with the study material the very next day. The course assignments did an extremely great job in strengthening my skills.

My teacher was very helpful and very timely in answering all my questions. Not only did he teach me how to become a good Graphic Designer but he also taught me how to become a good human being. His passion for the subjects, he taught me, really inspired me. I am extremely grateful to those who have been part of this beautiful journey and of course, APS, for making me the person I am today.

My experience with APS has been a wonderful balance of skill, fun and friendship.MY EXPERIENCE IN APS WITH GWDD




Hello Readers! Thank you for appreciating my last blog. I am here with yet another topic to put light upon.

When someone is born, he/she enters into the world with their distinct attributes, which in a way, are different than others. These attributes include talents, which becomes a person’s asset for a lifetime. God bestows everyone with some talent or the other but it is a human’s sole to duty to polish it and take it far.

As we start growing up, we gradually start realizing our talents and the fields we have interest in. Some convert their talents into their careers, while others leave behind their talents for their careers. The choice is definitely of an individual whether or not to use their talents. Being successful is very important in today’s times, Money, wealth, standard of living , everything depends on how successful you are. Being successful can earn all these things for you. But let me ask you all a question, can being successful really buy you happiness? My answer would be “No”. We find happiness in what we love doing and what we are best at. If a person loves dancing but spends all day working in front of a laptop just to earn, he/she doesn’t make time, to actually work on their talents. This may bring them their monthly pay but their self-quality gets deteriorated. In a hoard of being successful , we often ignore what our inner-self wants.

One may feel that many talents cannot bring desired success. Yes, it’s true , but out of 24 hours in a day or 7 days in a week, we can take out sometime to polish and make use of our talents. Likewise, I am learning Graphics and Web Development & Designing, but I make sure to take some time out of my busy schedule to write blogs, poems, quotes and even dance, basically to do all those things where my talent lies. A talent left unnoticed, will become obsolete with time and may vanish one day. I can give various examples for this, my father can sketch really well, but due to his business and family duties, he hardly gets time for sketching. He has locked his passion for sketching somewhere in a deep corner of his heart and the key is lost. Would you like this to happen to yourself? I guess none would want to experience this . So before the time runs out, make time for the little talents God has sent you with and employ them for your happiness.

I would conclude with my self-statement that “Talent is that Gift of God, which comes with us, grows with us, and gets old with us. So before it dies, let it live to its fullest”.




UI design stands for User Interface Design while UX design refers to the term User Experience Design. User Interface Design is the design websites, software applications and machines with the focal point of user’s interaction and experience, the aim is to make the user interface simple and well organized. User Experience Design is the process of strengthening the customer satisfaction and faithfulness of enhancing the usefulness, ease of use provided between user and product.

UX design includes every aspect of a website, from site navigation to individual page layout. It’s calculated to create the optimal interaction between your business and your potential customers, and it’s informed by analysis of current user behaviors. Good UX design is seamless, smooth, and useful — achieved through the attention to the finest details as well as the big picture.UI design is a balancing act between technical functions and visual cues meant to keep users on a page, on a site, and choosing the behaviors you’re looking for — making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, and so on. The key to UI design is the understanding of what your base is looking for and helping them to find it easily. It only makes sense, therefore, that UI relates directly to conversion rates. Slow load times, hard-to-read type, complex navigation, and confusing site architecture quickly turn users away, while clarity, elegance, and simplicity — the hallmarks of good user interface — make conversions more likely. Aside from this, the typography also plays a significant role in enhancing the usability of a website.

Actually typography forms 93 % of all website components and needs special attention from web designers. The textual content has a great role to play in making any website appealing to the online visitors and therefore it should be optimized for readability, convenience and graphic balance.

When design focuses on user experience and user interface, it delivers measurable results, in the form of more conversions on sales pages, increased frequency and number of sales, and a more profitable bottom line. That’s real value. And it’s the real importance of good design.


blog_ritika_gupta“A SUDDEN INSPIRATION”

Ritika Gupta,GWDD,Arena Animation,Park Street

Hello Readers,

I am back with yet another different story up on my blog (an inspirational one this time!).As we all know inspirations can come in the form of anything and anytime. Be it small or big, an inspiration will always leave a lasting impression on your mind. Sometimes, they become the reason for changing your viewpoint towards certain things in life. They empower you in ways manifold and enriches you with enthusiasm.

Here’s one such story from my end that I would love to share with you all. As known to all, these days women are matching steps with men in all the spheres of life. Be it career, business, education etc., women have excelled in all these platforms. But still in our Indian Society ,male majority has continued to be on the dominating side. A few days back I went to a personalised gifts store for my personal work. As I entered the store I found lots of varieties of gifts and items neatly kept and arranged, three men stranded to attend us(one out of them I mistook to be the owner). I went ahead and told them my requirement, on knowing so the person attending us told me to follow him to the office as he wanted me to meet the owner of the shop. As soon as I entered the office I found numerous staffs busy working on their computers. Few peons loitering here and there. And a stern-looking middle-aged woman instructing everyone. I was amazed to see the lady, as each one of the staffs were being led by her among which the majority were males. Soon I was in the lady’s chamber sitting face-to-face with her. She told me she was the owner of this firm and she has been handling it all alone since 10 years, has 27 male employees under her and 4 female employees. By today she has spread her business in almost all the major regions of India and that too solely. I was taken aback by her achievements, works and her leadership quality.

I even told her that she must be an inspiration to many women in our society and congratulated her on her achievements. After certain discussion and negotiation, I left the place, but her words and works accompanied me along.

I felt extremely inspired and motivated after my encounter with her. She came as a sudden inspiration to me, that will have a lasting effect on my mind. She is definitely an example of women empowerment in today’s time. Even I wish to run my own business someday and put my skills to the best use. I would also like to add that she was somewhat around 45-50 years of age, and is a big example for all the women of her age-group.