Vfx Training in Kolkata

The Indian VFx industry is expected to grow approximately INR 26,800 Crores by 2018 (As per FICCI/KPMG Report 2014). The four biggest industries that utilize Vfx are Films & Television, Advertising, Gaming and Internet. Considering that these industries are currently bigger than they have ever been, it is for sure that VFx will continue to grow, evolve and thrive with increasing demand for VFx artists.

The VFx training industry in Kolkata is in its nascent stages. Which in turn implies that huge opportunities await the first movers. Tollywood is fast catching up with Bollywood in terms of production quality of its films. Many Tollywood films are now into VFx and digital post production. With the magnificent success of these ventures, VFx industry in Kolkata is only set to grow thereby creating demand for trained professionals.

With improved connectivity and shrinking of the world by Internet, Kolkata is as good a market for VFx as any. Many Start Ups are coming into Kolkata and being the art and cultural capital of India, Kolkata has immense potential to develop into a vibrant VFx hub.

There aren’t many players in the VFx training space in Kolkata and Arena Multimedia – Park Street is a Pioneer, Trendsetter and Global Leader in VFx education. We boast of over 17 years of experience of training more than 5000 students.

Backed by world-class faculties and the latest technical educational tools, Arena Park Street’s focused, job-oriented training programs are unique in Kolkata and give the students a powerful edge in their careers.