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See beyond and find the real you

Swarnali Mondal had a dream. Did it come true? Read this blog post to find out.

My dream was clear for me – an Astronaut. Well you must be surprised.

Now here comes a U-turn. Curious!!?

Here, who is writing the article is not an astronaut rather she is a learner, few steps away to be an Animator.

My life is not going to be a nerdy one anymore.

Whatever is meant for you, is yours and it comes to your way by hook or crook. Animation came to me as a new hope, it’s a life changing decision I’ve made in my life. I joined Arena Animation Park Street branch since, it has been producing one of the best Animators around the world. I stepped inside a whole new world, whose few particles was already within me; but didn’t realized before.

My interactions with teachers and pupils made me realize the bond between them. The principle goes like – Be YOURSELF, WE are just making you learn the tools, it’s YOU who will choose the path through.

  • I made many new friends here.
  • I got one of the best teachers to guide me.


After few months of joining I got to know about an event called ORBIT LIVE. A wonderful experience so far. All kind of exclusive stars of animation are here to welcome your talent. They are ready to gift you the spotlight. The caption is cool – Hear The Stars, Meet The Stars, Be The Stars. This event really raised my confidence up.


Swarnali receiving a Certificate from Mr. Gurtaj Mangat at Orbit Live, Mumbai


Swarnali receiving an award at Orbit Live from Mr. Easo Matthews


This (APS) is such an institute that will hold up your creativity rise up high. We are always having one or the other event throughoit the whole year. I got so much appreciations and even got inspired from few of my friends’ work.

At the end, it’s like whatever you deserve you will get, may be the better one; so at present it’s a bit tough but in future you may have a blast if you give your 100% to your work (audience).


A wall painting on our APS classroom wall done by me




– Douglas Adams.

Life doesn’t go the way sometimes you thought it might, you need to go on to see beyond.



Unforgettable Achievement

From my childhood I have been interested in painting. The love for paintings grew and gradually my parents started noticing it. They encouraged me to participate in different painting competitions. I did well everywhere.

There are two painting competitions in my life, I cannot ever forget. These two competitions welled up my confidence to such a level that I even started contemplating my career in such kind of creative fields.

The first competition was held for children by Shankar’s international in Delhi when I was nine years old. That day was unforgettable when I received a silver medal in this competition from The Vice president of India.

The second unforgettable competition was held when I was 15. This time I won the silver medal for the competition on painting held by Shankar’s international Children competition in Delhi.

17th January 2003, was a memorable day in my life. On that day I received the silver medal in painting from The President of India, none other than the missile man Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

I cannot forget that day, throughout my life. I attended the prize distribution ceremony in Delhi with my parents. When I entered this place I noticed that many participants of various countries were present in that ceremony. I felt little bit nervous to see all these people along with media and press personalities. When I was requested to take a seat beside an Australian woman, I was overwhelmed at that moment. At the very moment the President of India entered the hall, The National Anthem started, we all stood up and I felt every bit of that moment.

After that the prize distribution started. Suddenly my name was called to receive the prize and my heart filled with joy and pride. When I went to the Dias to receive the prize from President of India Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, I was speechless. I cannot forget that moment when president of India told me ‘Hello Sumana best of luck’ and shook my hand. My eyes were full of tears. While returning from the Dias after receiving the prize, I was very glad to see that the audiences were clapping for me. It seems like whole world is applauding my creativity.

-By Sumana Chattopadhyay

Unexpected Encounter

Arijit Das shares his experience about an unexpected encounter with “The PJ”

Many a times the best things happens unexpectedly…………

It was 28th September’15, and suddenly during the break we were called upon by our sir to the Rhythm lab.

As we entered, there were all familiar faces except a person who was in T-shirt and quarters and a cap on his head. Till then we also didn’t know who he was, until Ruia sir introduced him to us.

He was Mr. Prosenjit Ganguly aka “PJ”, one of the most popular and liked independent animation film designer of our country. For a moment I was astounded and then something popped in my mind that I previously heard about him and his workshops.


An animated PJ

Prosenjit Ganguly is an alumnus and former member of the faculty of the National Institute of Design (NID). He is a screenwriter, creative director, IP creator, stop-motion animator, voice artist and media educator. His short films have been showcased in more than 20 countries winning 3 international awards. We were standing with a person of that caliber in the same room of APS was something we could have ever expected for.

Once he started talking, his way of talking with us, body gestures with that smile in his face was noticeable. Is he an animator? Or an animated character himself?? It was blissful to eyes.
Though it was a short span of interaction with him, in that session…..

  • He told us on how to be focused and disciplined to our works and enjoy working on it.
  • He shared some of his experiences from his days in NID and some from the workshops he conducted.
  • How to work in a team, he illustrated it with a very good example and also told how important is team-work for us.
  • He gave us a touch of how professionals works in the animation industry.

His way of telling all this added with humour made it so enchanting for us to listen. We also asked some queries to him and he explained it to us.


PJ, interacting with us

At the end of that quick session, Ruia sir asked PJ if he can have some time time and conduct a workshop for APS. We were so excited and PJ didn’t let us down. He told next time he comes to Kolkata, he will try his best.

Thank you PJ and thank you Ruia sir for making it one of the most inspiring sessions that I will never forget in my life.

We are impatiently waiting to meet you again.

-by Arijit Das

The Secret behind Why we are Special

The word “SPECIAL”, according to the dictionary, is defined as:

Adjective: Better, Greater or otherwise different from what is usual

Noun: a thing that is designed for a special occasion

But as far as we are concerned, Special is about “You”

You, the students of this institute, your vibrancy, your mischief, your banters, your laughter, your love, your affection, your respect and your uncanny ability to pull one out of the box, your selfies (how can I forget that!) and moreover, it’s just your presence here every day makes us so special.

The reason for our existence is You.

You are Better, Greater and Different from the usual. You have been designed by God to achieve success and greatness in life.

We occasionally put you back on the track when you sway from the prescribed path but the journey is yours.

Please continue to be Special and only then can we be Special.

So the secret to why Arena Multimedia – Park Street is Special has finally been revealed.