Debdatta Pal, GWDD, 2nd SEM (APS)

Hello readers! I am Debdatta Pal, a student of GWDD. While my course here is at the verge of completion, I would like to share my experience with you all.

Often there comes a moment in life when we may become so clueless about the path to continue our journey with, that our frustration and disappointment reaches a pinnacle. Well, I did face such moments and I guess many of you have as well. When stumbling among options to take forward my career with, one fine day I came across this very course, GWDD in Arena Animation – Park Street’s website. Even though I had some knowledge of Graphics but initially I was not much aware of the entire procedure of Web Design and Development. But when I gradually started learning it here, a new liking towards this subject started growing in me. You can say the subject is kind of addictive. The more I am engaging myself into it, day after day I am getting attached with it.

As everyone says, learning never stops. Whatever might be our passion towards, believing in ourselves and working hard immensely for it, is the ultimate key.

I have learnt that while trying to meet the deadlines, I could bring out the best of myself. Through learning GWDD, I have started to acknowledge so many of my positive sides I never knew I possessed. It’s as if I am able to unlock a new aspect of myself every day and thus re-discovering myself in the process. Also in the past months, I have got an opportunity to participate in a logo contest organised and certified by the Uttarakhand Government which has further motivated me to work harder.

A journey is associated with proper guidance and support. And my journey here wouldn’t have been possible without my parents’ support and my mentor Somnath Chakraborty sir’s guidance.  His vision and knowledge are what making this journey enjoyable and resourceful for me.

In today’s fast forward world, everyone thrives to get a work done within a blink of eye and thus making things as digital as possible. Hence, a career in Graphics, Web Design and Development is a perfect choice where there is scope of utilizing the gained knowledge in making a better tomorrow.



Top 10 Graphic Designing Trends for 2017

As 2016 ended, as we know—it’s a fine idea to begin looking ahead in the world of design to spot what graphic design trends are approaching our way. We’ve been imagining and visualizing how we can integrate stock photos and vectors into new-fangled and stimulating design themes. Whereas we’ve witness several auspicious trends over the past year, 2017 is assuring to take design to a brighter, intrepid stage.

Let’s turn to what this year 2017 will probably have in stockpile for us as graphic designers. In this article, we will be discussing about the trends we all have been noting and are possibly to spear in this year. We will be conversing about artistic and conspicuous trends which we will be witnessing this year 2017.

Graphic design, also acknowledged as communication design, is the knack and practice of developing and extrapolating notions and experiences along with textual and visual content. The type of the communication can be corporal or practical, and might consist of words, images or else graphic forms. The experiences can effect immediately or can effect after an elongated period of time. The vocation can turn out at any extent, these designer articulate their conceptions and initiatives by their designs. The design may vary It can also be for any rationale, whether cultural, business, political, educational etc.

2017 offers graphic designers innovative opportunities as well as preferences as it looms to which trends to promote. At the same time as innumerable of 2017’s graphic design proclivity are serene as esteemed as ever, at the hand there are handful ground-breaking ones creating their loom into the forefront of designer’s wits. And whereas the graphic design is appreciably imperative for a brand and to follow it is congenially vital. The enlisted trends are the ones which designers must opt to become dominant and accomplished ones within the souk. As each of these trend comprises of some incredible and astounding elements which can augment and intensify your design resourcefully.

Material Design:

Material Design

Material design may possibly just be the boldest as well as the biggest of design trends to actually try to clasp and comprehend. This style guide was invented by Google to attempt and simplify the technique by which the designers design moreover the users interrelate with the Internet. The main conceptions of this inclination are “material as a metaphor; graphic, audacious, deliberate; along with motion which provides implication.”

What does all that signify? The visual deliberately communicates with your user. Draw motivation from real-world resources—chiefly ink and paper—to keep your designs stranded in actuality, yet it is frivolous and minimalistic. Paper is tangible as well as cast shadows; however it is also amazingly flexible. Design with those values which are in your wit and ponder on the fact that how you’re intertwining the structure of the Internet.

Be daring with your shades, disparity, plus typography. Don’t feel bad while using these vibrant and audacious colors. Your design must guide the user’s activities and there must be motion in your designs—factual and oblique—to converse with your users. Always ponder over the point that how you can grab your users attention. And don’t forget Google is always there to facilitate you.

Bold Photography and Sleek Text:

Bold Photography and Sleek Text

This might be the year of valiant designers. Bold photography in collaboration with sleek text is putting on momentum as a fashion. This mishmash is usually spotted in advertisements for brands that clinch venture. Some example comprises of the active wear brands like Puma as well as some fashion brands like Ever lane.

This blend radiates class, yet as well exhilaration. It communicates a comprehensible message, but doesn’t turn off the audience. “Bold plus sleek” toils well for viewers with a dumpy attention span as it gets direct to the spot. This collaborations toil greatly for social media promotions, display ads and graphics where a small sum of information requires to be expressed instantly. Integrate bold borders to better accentuate your information plus to grab attention of the viewers.

Receptive logos:

Receptive logos

These logos have been created to sustain with the ever escalating assortment of scales as well as platforms proffered to users. Scaling down for mobile phones don’t simply connote inventing elements smaller; a brilliant logo will defy to its milieu also will be resolute. Responsive logos are down-to-earth and consenting. With extra modish devices with diverse forms handy every day, the amicable symbol can only prolong to turn out to be more significant in 2017.

Modernized Retro:

Modernized Retro

It is considered as one of the hottest trends of 2017, as we totted up the term “Retro Nouveau” in array to discern what was generally recognized as retro (20s-70s) from which the new-fangled retro designs are imitating from (80s-00s). Nevertheless, well-run retro is an entire other ball fixture. Consider it as an approach of modernizing as well as simplifying any specified graphical element that becomes notable from any instance or period from the past.

For instance, you could pay attention on renovating old merchandise labels that made use of flowy script and badges. Or perhaps choose to remake exceptionally detailed icons as well as artwork and choose to scuff them down to their bare fundamental geometry. Maybe a shade palette of the past motivates you—reds, creams and baby blues, anyone?—and rejuvenate those minute details in your new-fangled design. Inhale spanking new life into old graphic model and craft something into your own.

Saturated Colors:

Saturated Colors

Pantone frequently leads the approach with cyclic color trends. In 2017, expect vivacious and audacious colors that are amazingly true to their prevailed hue. This inclination started to slip its way into an assortment of design elements in the beginning of the year 2016, however should be swift and rapid with the New Year. Look-out for colors found in environment and intensify them. While taking photographs, be gallant and up the dispersion of your images.

In conditions of designing with shade, choose strident and profound colors—not necessarily vivid. Look-out for colors that are profound on the hue rather than vivid in lightness. Choosing strident and reflective colors will intensify the whole look of your design. In your graphic designs, make use of contrasting shades similar to what is recommended in material design. Let each color to valiantly draw attention to explicit areas of your design.

Function First:

Function First

Beyond all of the mentioned trends, function is the core player for 2017. As innovative technologies come forward like augmented veracity, it’s significant for designs to be apparent about the feat that is preferred from a user. In verity, make use of all of the enlisted trends can facilitate you to attain this goal.

Utilize the charisma of motions and shadows to signify clear “clickable” parts of your website designs. Bold photography collaborated with minimal text can facilitate pass on an imperative message that necessitates to be promptly discerned. Modernized retro can help to summarize a distinctive feeling or sense of reminiscence you wish to correlate with your product. Contrasting and saturated colors will draw consideration to the most rampant portions of a design. Think purposefully and clearly to design aesthetically and innovatively.

As technology acclimatize further and further, user experience is a stipulation to retain in mind. As an outcome, many designs will have to be loomed with expediency at the forefront of their notions. Similarly to how skeuomorphic helped alleviate the changeover into touch screen and smartphones, designs for innovative technologies will need to be loomed in a way that creates the sense for fresh users—which is truly all of us.

Illustrated images:

Illustrated images

These images are astounding for toting up an evidently entity aspect to graphic design. More recently, Illustrations have been apt to be simple and kindle a kind of infantile and pensive feeling. They can be developed in a colossal array of circumstances, but are appropriately more and trendier as a skill of elucidating and illustrating additional comprehensive problems or orders. 2017 will perhaps find it besieged with these sorts of design. As Illustrated images will endow your designs with competent and propitious outlook.

Magical Realism:

Magical Realism

Think you’ve spotted it all? Think once more. 2017 is not the year to be frightened; it’s the year to go out of the limitations. If you’re searching for some photos that can actually set your designs to one side, then don’t go further as this magical realism snaps–sure to source a double-take.

They make a brilliant backdrop for social media, graphic posters and event promotions–really any venture that you’d like to sense miraculous and inspirational. Want to add an additional touch of spirituality to these works of art? Try totting up a muck texture overlay to toughen them up a bit.



In the upcoming days or in the previous days, simplicity is as trendy these days as it ever was. Minimalism’s focus on functionality and unfussiness has ushered to be espousal in several designs and graphic trends. Apple has opted for this “Less is more” idea, along with Google who incarnate it in ‘material design’. Intended white space indicates reduced crucial points as well as more breathability. With its admiration only growing, it seems like this notion minimalism will turn out to be conspicuous among the designers. Designs jam-packed with shades, contrast or images seem bizarre and unappealing which makes the design odd and abrupt. That’s why the graphic designers should go for the designs which are minimalistic but chic and prolific.

Social Media Madness:

Social Media Madness

Snapchat and Instagram took-over in 2016 and new-fangled social media apps are maintaining the momentum which has now entered in New Year. However, one thing is certain: social media is more prevailed than ever for commerce. And it’s actually not as simple as it looks. It seems that social media has took-over the marketing platform as it endows you with countless and benevolent advantages and boons.

It can be tough to nail down what variety of content will perform fruitfully. Your social media posts are insignificant without charismatic graphics. Stock media can endow with the ideal backdrop for any diversity of social media content. You always need an auspicious graphic design for glass-casing your social posts efficiently. One of our preferred combos can be an eye-catching landscape with a motivational quotation to accompany high-performing hash tags such as #thursdaythoughts or #motivationmonday, and #fridayfeeling.


Overlooking the connotation and the latest trends for graphic designing may be appalling and awful for you as well as for your business. These inimitable and contemporary trends will escalate in the upcoming days. For doing a booming business each corporation needs a striking symbol or a proficient website and this depends on the graphic design. Furthermore the graphic designers should attempt to pay deliberation towards these latest and innovative trends and implication of Graphic Designing to work in this populous souk effectively.

Why I Choose Graphics & Web Design & Development?

Chandan Sah explains why:


Choosing a career has always been one of the hardest decision a student takes in his life, but that one decision crafts our future. As an Accounts Graduate it’s been even harder for me, because taking web as my profession means changing my entire career from Accounts to Web.

What I personally think about this course is, it’s one of the most interesting and flexible professions one can choose. But the negative point about this course is it’s not for everyone, if you want to succeed you need to have a keen interest in its subject matter. The web is a huge and complex network and you need to be updated every second if you want to succeed.

I have been using Computer and Internet since I was in class 8 and since then I have had an interest in how these things works and it led me into choosing this professional and hopefully I will achieve my ultimate dream of becoming a web developer.

I never had much interest in Graphics but I gradually started learning much more under the guidelines of Saptarshi Sir and I am still learning every day. Joining Arena Park Street has been my first step in achieving my dream, it’s a longer and harder than I expected, but to achieve something as large we have to pay a price.

I will conclude by quoting words of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam – “Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place – that is, the unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have perseverance to realize the great life.”

why I choose Graphics and Web Designing as a career

Samrat Ghosh explains:


I am a student of Graphics and Web Designing from Arena Animation, Park Street.

This is my first blog. The theme is why I choose Graphics and Web Designing as a career. Hmm! Being a creative person it was my dream to do something in creative field. It may be Freelance Painting, maybe it’s Animation or it may be Graphics. Before joining this course I studied B.Com (Honrs.) from Vidyasagar Evening College but somehow I thought that the stream is not for me. I was studying but not learning anything; going to College every day, solve the equation, match the Balance Sheet but there was something missing in my life and I recognized that my “Heart” was elsewhere.

My parents always say that whatever you do if you don’t do it from the heart it becomes useless. So, after completing my graduation I discussed & shared my views with my parents & teachers who are my guider, motivator, & friend and finally decided to join Arena Park Street.

But the question is why GWDD? Actually Painting is my passion & hobby from childhood & I tried to join Govt. Art College; gave an entrance exam but didn’t get a chance. Here was another option for me to join GWDD because when I was reading the courses overview, I seemed it would be perfect for me. I would try to complete my course very sincerely & can get a job in a short time period. I am still undergoing my course, Graphics part is almost over, now I step forward to Web World and I try to my level best.­­

Last of all, it is a great pleasure to talk something about my teachers. Saptarshi sir who is my Graphics teacher, providing excellent education quality to his students. He is very helpful & friendly. Now I join Somnath sir. He is a wonderful person; outside is very hard but deep inside it’s transparent. Thanks to him for inspiring me to write a blog.


Oyindrilla Biswas shares her thoughts on the subject

My interest in Graphics kindled from where I was working earlier. Earlier I neither had any idea nor knowledge about Graphics Designing. After completing of my graduation I joined a private company as a junior accountant. The company was into print media. The whole day I used to see other employees busy playing with colours. Though I was a junior accountant over there, I used to get mesmerized and attracted towards those colour games. Ever since I have been eager to learn this game. However, no one helped me to learn the ropes.

Despite knowledge about the Industry I lagged behind and I kept following the senior graphics designer. After observing my passion and dedication towards graphics, one day my manager called me up and offered me to join as a junior graphics designer. Within a fraction of second I accepted the proposal and this was my beginning.

Then I got a project to do Mahabharata in the form of digital painting which has now been published in the form of a book. I worked very hard under the guidance and supervision of my senior. Till then I had very limited knowledge on graphics but I learned the tricks of the software through intense suffering, on my own.

But I wanted to gain more knowledge in Graphics. Then with due permission of my parents I joined Arena Animation Park Street. Many people suggested me to go to Arena Park Street as it provides best graphics course in Kolkata. Through this source I came to Arena Park Street and joined GWDD (Graphics, Web Design & Development). Though I am not a good artist and also I don’t have any drawing skills, but I loved to think about new designing. I used to research on the internet about the latest trends in graphics designing and their technologies. Today I love Graphics more than anything else. I enjoy playing with colours, I enjoy doing Graphics and now Graphics has become my Best Friend and a best part of my Life.

Graphics as Imagination

An Article by Bhartesh Jajoo (Student of Arena Multimedia – Park Street)

Graphics is not only an art, but it’s also imagination which makes you see the unique things which are not available in the world, but available in the mind of the people which makes them available in the world. Day by day, we see the new things. How it comes is from the ideas of different people. People are representing themselves as artists by their unique drawings.


A Drawing by me

There are some people who can’t express their feelings in words, but they can let you feel it through their imagination by Graphics. From the normal drawings on the paper to the legendary paintings are the types of graphics. Graphics are not only the software, but the creativeness of the people in any kind of thing which can let you see those things are graphics. Graphics are alive in the mind of the people.

Why Choose a Career in Graphics Designing?

An Article by Srabanti Paul (Student of Arena Multimedia – Park Street)

Now days everything is based on “Graphics Design”. By a graphic design you can express your thinking and creativity. That means if you have an innovative idea, or you think outside of the box you can execute those things through graphic design.

So the graphic design is a career oriented subject. And it has a big area or position of our daily life. Retouching, packaging, banner, poster, web design, for company identification logo & visiting cards everything is under the graphic design.

The graphic design is a primary stage of a commercial market. To promotion of products it should be essential to give an advertisement these products. An advertisement also makes different types which the common people can understand that what are the products? So the poster and banner is the easiest way to introduce your products with people. For that kind of purpose, the graphics is very essential. In case of web design or animation everywhere the graphics designing is must. The strong meaning of graphics that attract people towards your creation. And increase the promotion of the business activity.

Many of college and institute started graphic designing course and students also choose their career in graphics designer.

In this field you can get new newt challenging creative work to execute yourself and get impressive salary.

For this job something is required that is firstly need to have artistic mind. And secondly also need to be knowledgeable about using computers. And to generally have an aptitude for learning new technology which is important to graphic design work. It is important to having a good approach to presenting your work to client and selling your ideas.

so let’s start your career with graphic design. Whole commercial market depends on graphic design. it is a part of our daily life.