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To start with the common concept of dance being the body movements,the postures ,the grace etc the set pattern in minds generally,and my normal self agrees with that too.But unfortunately my abnormal side would call dance as life.For me dance is nothing but me in the best form revealing my emotions,my passion,my dedication,my thoughts and every little thing in my day to day life.

My life’s very early stages itself was dedicated to my love ,my passion giving me recognition in my school and giving me a boost overall to present myself confidently in front of others ,we all need it ,don’t we?

Moving ahead with my life when I had to take a pause for my board examinations life had taken a weird turn making me a fat chubby girl which was not even the last thing i would want really .Thereby after finishing up my exams I planned to join back giving me fresh vibes and positivism all around because it was getting back what I loved,and within 6 months life took the biggest turn of making my passion my ticket to self independence .yes I was offered to join as an instructor,training happened appointed too giving my parents “THE MOMENT”of being proud parents .Studying went together too struggled hard to manage both now I am about to finish my 6th year as a head dance instructor of one of the most reputed dance institute “SANGVI” which yes promotes and preaches the mantra of DANCE TO EXPRESS.Dance has really twisted my life in the best way making me what I am today confident,independent and a better person for sure.“DANCE _A MELODRAMA OF LIFE”

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Kamlesh Patel writes about a Surprise Project that he participated in at APS

On 20th November 2015, as we entered the Pinocchio Lab for our normal class, instantly a surprise test was taken and we were divided into two teams Team A and Team B. I was a member of Team B. We were then assigned with a surprise group project by our respected Somnath Sir.

The topics were as follows :

  • Team A – Peace Foundation.
  • Team B – Digital Marketing.

I was representing Team B and the project which we received was Digital Marketing. We were assign to create :

  1. Web Template for a company.
  2. Logo for the company.
  3. Visiting Card for the company.
My Team Members

None of us had any proper knowledge on how to present and promote a product or a service digitally to the consumer. Then as a group we conducted a thorough research on what is Digital Marketing and how to promote a product or a service digitally.

We found that Digital Marketing is very innovative and wonderful concept in today’s world. It helps to promote the product and services with the help of Digital Marketing Channels to reach the consumer in an appropriate manner. Digital Marketing has become a powerful network of advertisement. With the help of Digital Marketing promoting any product through internet has become convenient and cost-effective.

I think that with such technology, marketing of any kind of products has become a lot more easier, the consumer’s conveniences has become possible.

At this point more or less we all had a concept on how to promote a product digitally through Digital Marketing Channel i.e Web. And we started our project Digital Marketing on Coco Café Restaurant. We wanted to promote Coco Café Restaurant by the services it provides the customers such as:


Now it was time to implement the ideas . We distributed the work. So while some were making the Web Template for the company, others were making the logo and the visiting card for the company. And finally we succeeded in our given task.

Following are the works:

The Logo that we designed
The Visiting Card
The Web Template

After completion of the project we were instructed to upload it to the social media like facebook etc. to get a positive or negative feedback from the audience point of view to evaluate our skill, knowledge and performance.

-Kamlesh Patel

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Participting in Activities at APS

Kanishka Saha feels that participating in activities at APS has helped him to discover a new potential in himself

Being a student of APS I had learned a lot. Its not only given me technical knowledge to enhance my career as a web designer and developer , but it also taught me to be a key team player, to do things differently and how to work within a team.


Few months back, we had started doing team activities. During these activities, I discovered a new potential within me. A hidden talent once can say. Working in a team for the first time was a big challenge. Especially working with the one whom I do not know and never interacted with them . Thanks to our respected Sir for giving me the opportunity to lead the entire team. That was a great experience. Yes during my first activity as team leader, I was nervous. However, thanks to the entire team member who really coordinated in a perfect manner making the activity a success. I also got a huge support from my mentor. Without his support, I would not be able to complete the entire activity as a team leader.

After that, we had a number of activities. With every activity, I grew in confident and I become more comfortable with my team members. During this period, I learnt how to overcome various hurdles in order to complete a certain task. This experience will be very helpful in my coming year.

The last activity, which I participated in, was a magazine for APS. In this magazine, I had highlighted most of the students work, and given brief information about APS. I wish that, this magazine should be carried on as a legacy telling the success story of APS students. It should become a tool of motivation for the coming generation.

It has been a wonderful experience being a student of APS. The support and motivation, which I receive here, is awesome. It has been a superb experience.

Thank you APS.

-Kanishka Saha

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How a class is conducted at APS

Bhartesh Jajoo shares how a class is conducted at APS


At 9am, our class starts with a 30 minutes typing speed practice in MS Word to increase our typing speed.

After that, Somnath Sir talks to us for 10 to 15 minutes to give us all the necessary updates which are important for us like whether there is any seminar or any competition organized by Arena.

Next, we plan with Sir about what we will learn on that day. Sir teaches us according to that plan. At the end of the class Sir conducts a Q&A session to clear our doubts. This is followed by a 10 minute break for refreshment before starting another topic. This is our daily class routine at APS

Somnath Sir’s Class at APS

We end the session with a group discussion and plan on issues like what to do in next class or for some kind of activities.

With my classmates at APS

Activity Sessions

When we do any activity, we follow all the things which we have discussed and planned in our group discussion. We reach at 8:30am and start our work. In that activity, each of us has some responsibility. We tell our Respected Somnath Sir that we will complete the work within a specific time. According to that, Sir always reminds us of timing that how much time is left. It gives lot of encouragement from our Sir when he guides us in that manner. He allows us to switch on the music for some refreshment and fun. Activities at APS are lots of fun and enjoyment.

-Bhartesh Jajoo

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Sharing My Experience on e-Portfolio

Sneha Lakhotia shares her e-Portfolio experience

On 28th September, 2015 , A Seminar on e-Portfolio was held at Arena Multimedia – Park Street under the guidance of Somnath Sir. He shared his view and opinion on e-Portfolio and also discussed the benefits & importance of an e-Portfolio. Here, I want to share and discuss about what is an e-Portfolio…..

e-Portfolio is an electronic portfolio i.e. it is a medium to communicate and showcase skills, experience and learning. In simple way we can say, that it is a way of presenting oneself online.

In an e-Portfolio we can showcase our best work to present evidence of our expertise and accomplishments to a specific audience such as an employer or teacher. An e-Portfolio is a process of learning to achieve our desired goals and activities and also encourage detailed learning through collaboration and reflection. Creating an e-Portfolio is a professional and educational opportunity. It can also prepare you for your Job.

Four steps you should follow to prepare your work and information:

  • Start collecting the experience of your life i.e. the work you have done or thoughts which have been written down. The collection becomes your personal database.
  • Give time to yourself and think who you are and what you want to be. Identify your goals it may be short –term or long-term and come up with action plans.
  • Follow your plans.
  • Prepare your work and reflection, and put them in your database.

An e-Portfolio consist of four different sections:

  1. Profile: Personal details, short description about yourself, values and beliefs, Interest and hobbies.
  2. Summary: Target audience, Purpos, Goals and Action Plans.
  3. Showcase: Show work and share experiences and also organise them with description and reflection.
  4. Qualifications: Educational Background, Scholarships, Awards, Co-curricular Activities, Work Experience and other information.

Overall the Seminar was beneficial to all the Students and we understood the Scenario of e-Portfolio that we intend to implement in our near future.

Thanks to Sir , for conducting this Seminar.

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See beyond and find the real you

Swarnali Mondal had a dream. Did it come true? Read this blog post to find out.

My dream was clear for me – an Astronaut. Well you must be surprised.

Now here comes a U-turn. Curious!!?

Here, who is writing the article is not an astronaut rather she is a learner, few steps away to be an Animator.

My life is not going to be a nerdy one anymore.

Whatever is meant for you, is yours and it comes to your way by hook or crook. Animation came to me as a new hope, it’s a life changing decision I’ve made in my life. I joined Arena Animation Park Street branch since, it has been producing one of the best Animators around the world. I stepped inside a whole new world, whose few particles was already within me; but didn’t realized before.

My interactions with teachers and pupils made me realize the bond between them. The principle goes like – Be YOURSELF, WE are just making you learn the tools, it’s YOU who will choose the path through.

  • I made many new friends here.
  • I got one of the best teachers to guide me.


After few months of joining I got to know about an event called ORBIT LIVE. A wonderful experience so far. All kind of exclusive stars of animation are here to welcome your talent. They are ready to gift you the spotlight. The caption is cool – Hear The Stars, Meet The Stars, Be The Stars. This event really raised my confidence up.

Swarnali receiving a Certificate from Mr. Gurtaj Mangat at Orbit Live, Mumbai
Swarnali receiving an award at Orbit Live from Mr. Easo Matthews


This (APS) is such an institute that will hold up your creativity rise up high. We are always having one or the other event throughoit the whole year. I got so much appreciations and even got inspired from few of my friends’ work.

At the end, it’s like whatever you deserve you will get, may be the better one; so at present it’s a bit tough but in future you may have a blast if you give your 100% to your work (audience).

A wall painting on our APS classroom wall done by me




– Douglas Adams.

Life doesn’t go the way sometimes you thought it might, you need to go on to see beyond.



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Blog Article by Ashita Mishra (Student of Arena Park Street)

Arena Multimedia Park Street (APS) has been organising various workshops and seminar for the benefits of the students to help them attain a better foothold in world of “ANIMATION”.

A workshop on “Acting For Animation” was organized by APS on 28th September 2015 conducted by Anirban sir and Manibuddha sir which was full of fun and knowledge. It was the longest(10:00am-7:00pm) ever workshop taken by the faculties in the institution. We started it in the morning and were surprised to know that the evening arrived so early that day. This workshop was a beginning of a different world to me.

The acting session started with a game to relax our minds and to disconnect from the world outside of the Stuart Lab.

The real acting started when we were asked to act like a dog and bark continuously. With this activity we got to know various moods and expressions of a dog. As this activity got over, two students were selected and were asked to face each other, where one was to stand like a statue and the other was to burst out his/her anger on the other person. This helped us to take out our negativity.

Students playing games to relax themselves

Fun with acting started when each one of us was given to act like a particular person in a particular situation. The situations were as follows:

  • You are 5yrs old and any how you want a chocolate.
  • You are a doctor but are bound to go for consulting another doctor.
  • How did you manage to have a hard drink at your home?
  • You suddenly found a lost jewellery.
  • Your reaction having a bite full of green chilly
  • You failed in an examination for the first time.
  • You are a kid and are going to get injection for getting hurt.
  • You got an unexpected model of cycle.
  • You are a tailor of animals and have gone to take the measurements of an elephant.
  • Your dad is going for a transfer for 2yrs and you bid him good bye.

As this got over, we were offered with a cup of coffee and were asked to have it. The twist came up after we had finished it, we were asked to have another cup of coffee but this time without a cup.

Coffee Drinking Exercise

The acting started to increase when we were given few dialogues and were asked to act the same dialogue in different expressions like angry, happy, sad and afraid.

Then came the most exciting part of the session which was to act where a mask. The concept of the mask was basically taken from the “kabuki mask”, mostly used in the Japanese Theaters. Acting, wearing this mask helped us to improve our body gestures and our hand expressions more accurate.

A glimpse of some of the activities performed by us

Things that we learnt during the day are those which no one can learn without experiencing this kind of workshop.

After this acting session I look upon myself and the world differently. I’m thankful to the faculties of the institution to organize this type of workshop. I look forward to more workshops of this type.

Our Mentors appreciating our enthusiasm



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An Article By our GWDD Student: Aafreen Naaz


ARENA MULTIMEDIA PARK STREET always organizes different kind of activities for the students. From studies related to fun stuffs. On 5th of December, an outdoor session was organised for students, interested in photography. Our respected faculty Saptorshi sir and Manibuddha sir, took this session and shared their knowledge on photography with the students. The students were taken to Alipore Zoo and techniques of taking pictures in different ways was shown by our teachers.

Tips which were provided to us were of immense help:

  • Never worry about the quality of your digital camera, any camera can produce good pictures if you follow the techniques of taking pictures.
  • Composition is a very important and basic thing. What you choose to include in the picture and how you can arrange them.
  • Give less emphasis on manual settings. The mode on which the camera is set gives good result. For example, the White balance mode produces very good pictures for taking sunset etc.
  • One of the very most essential thing is the LIGHT. Light plays the main role in taking pictures. The picture speaks its story when proper amount of light is given to it.
  • The direction and angle counts a lot in photography.
  • The technical things like ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed is to be understood.

Arena have lot of photography interested students and it was a remarkable session for them. We expect more sessions like this in the coming days.





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My Experience With Arena Animation Park Street (APS)


Ankita Bhattacharya


First time when I heard this name, it felt a little different. I don’t know what the difference was, but it seemed intriguing to me. I felt an urge to be a part of this Family.

I wanted to be a Web professional. So there wasn’t any confusion in selecting the most suitable course for myself. The best part is that the counseling session with respected Nilanjana Maam went so well. She appreciated my choice to become a Web professional and motivated me further. This boosted my self-confidence. I took admission at APS in the month of May, 2015.

After joining this course my life really changed and I saw newer horizons opening for me. It felt like I was back to my school days. The life I was dying to live again. I was damn happy at APS.

Now here comes the responsibility part. Responsibility towards my studies, my works and of course towards APS. The teachers (hardly teachers, I would prefer calling them our guide and philosophers) helped a lot in this regard.

It was Krishnendu Sir’s credit that I developed a little bit of knowledge in Graphics. He embedded in my mind the good and the virtues like hard work and honesty. He parted his knowledge with us.

Now let me spread festive mood in the air. I consider myself lucky enough to spend few occasions with the APS folks. The first experience was the “Rakhsha Bandhan”. We celebrated Rakhi Purnima by tying handmade Rakhies to all.



(Pic: These are some rakhies we made for the event)

The second event was “Teacher’s day” (On 05/09/2015). The day was full of enthusiasm, energy and lots of fun. We were so ecstatic that we almost forgot our age. (Age doesn’t always matter I guess!).

The third event was “Agomoni” to mark the beginning of Durga Puja. There some of us performed a dance drama, there were performances, recitation and many more. We choose traditional Bengali outfits as our dress code for the occasion. Dhakis were there to make the atmosphere more traditional. We danced and sang together flowing with the beats.


(Pic: APS group at Agomoni celebration)

Life takes many twists and turns but moves ahead. In days to come I will hopefully be a web professional. Behind my every work there shall be the touch of APS and every moment I shall remember that but for APS it might have been a different tale to tell.

By: Ankita Bhattacharya