Ajab GWDD Ki Gazab Kahaani


Hello guys! I am Burhan Mullamithawala from 2nd semester, GWDD, Arena Animation, Park Street.

This is my second blog. I would like to share with you my experience in the past 3 months of coming in the 2nd semester of GWDD, Arena Animation, Park Street and my latest experience in participating in our exhibition Pratibimba2019.

As I shared with you in my last post how I have changed in the last 8 months, only this time I would like to tell how responsible I have become as a person.

Learning HTML language in GWDD has widened my perspective of how little I know about today’s technology. Its vastness blew my mind but it didn’t stop me from taking it as a challenge. Instead I understood its concepts and logic that is to be used while designing a web page. As our mentor Sir Somnath Chakraborty tells us that Web is a vast ocean and it can never be learnt in a limited time. Every day it’s changing and expanding through its boundaries. Only we can do is to keep learning and adapt with it. Currently, I’m progressing in learning this vast language and I have already begun in designing my first webpage for my first GWDD Project. It has been a challenging experience but I have the support of my teacher, my family and my seniors Koushik Dalui, Salina Marandi and Ausmita Pal. Apart from being just seniors, they have become friends as well. We share a great bond and no one could tell that we have a senior-junior relationship.

Coming to Pratibimba2019, it’s an experience that cannot be explained in words. We all worked hard for it to be a success. We made short funny clips where we enacted different roles. I for sure got to see a different side of myself. I got to play Gabbar (Macchar) Singh and it was a fun moment. I also got to see my funny side where I enacted in a funny interview. And that funny side did also come out mainly because of one person, my senior Sattwik Banerjee who played my interviewer. His acting chops are a class apart but more so are his funny gags which made us laugh out loud. We also got to play roles where we were smitten by Tanushree Roy’s playboy character and we ended up having fun due to Koushik Dalui and Sandip Mondal’s hilarious acting.

All our videos were on display for our parents, friends and other esteemed guests to see and we definitely got a great feedback. These videos showed people that our lives just don’t revolve around studies but we also have fun. It showed that we break the monotony of living a robotic life and do something opposite where we end up enjoying and learning from each other. We got to interact with people during the exhibition and it helped us in learning how to present ourselves to different types of crowd.

All in all it was a great experience for me. I learned how to take charge of my life and present myself in front of the camera and people. But all of this would not be possible without the guidance and support of our mentor Sir Somnath Chakraborty. He truly brings out the best in us. He is many a time harsh on us but that is only because he knows our capabilities and he wants us to get out of our comfort zone. He sees a great potential in me and I know I will reach my destination because I have his unconditional support.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Hoping to share more of my experiences in GWDD, Arena Animation, Park Street.


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Blog Article by Ashita Mishra (Student of Arena Park Street)

Arena Multimedia Park Street (APS) has been organising various workshops and seminar for the benefits of the students to help them attain a better foothold in world of “ANIMATION”.

A workshop on “Acting For Animation” was organized by APS on 28th September 2015 conducted by Anirban sir and Manibuddha sir which was full of fun and knowledge. It was the longest(10:00am-7:00pm) ever workshop taken by the faculties in the institution. We started it in the morning and were surprised to know that the evening arrived so early that day. This workshop was a beginning of a different world to me.

The acting session started with a game to relax our minds and to disconnect from the world outside of the Stuart Lab.

The real acting started when we were asked to act like a dog and bark continuously. With this activity we got to know various moods and expressions of a dog. As this activity got over, two students were selected and were asked to face each other, where one was to stand like a statue and the other was to burst out his/her anger on the other person. This helped us to take out our negativity.


Students playing games to relax themselves

Fun with acting started when each one of us was given to act like a particular person in a particular situation. The situations were as follows:

  • You are 5yrs old and any how you want a chocolate.
  • You are a doctor but are bound to go for consulting another doctor.
  • How did you manage to have a hard drink at your home?
  • You suddenly found a lost jewellery.
  • Your reaction having a bite full of green chilly
  • You failed in an examination for the first time.
  • You are a kid and are going to get injection for getting hurt.
  • You got an unexpected model of cycle.
  • You are a tailor of animals and have gone to take the measurements of an elephant.
  • Your dad is going for a transfer for 2yrs and you bid him good bye.

As this got over, we were offered with a cup of coffee and were asked to have it. The twist came up after we had finished it, we were asked to have another cup of coffee but this time without a cup.


Coffee Drinking Exercise

The acting started to increase when we were given few dialogues and were asked to act the same dialogue in different expressions like angry, happy, sad and afraid.

Then came the most exciting part of the session which was to act where a mask. The concept of the mask was basically taken from the “kabuki mask”, mostly used in the Japanese Theaters. Acting, wearing this mask helped us to improve our body gestures and our hand expressions more accurate.


A glimpse of some of the activities performed by us

Things that we learnt during the day are those which no one can learn without experiencing this kind of workshop.

After this acting session I look upon myself and the world differently. I’m thankful to the faculties of the institution to organize this type of workshop. I look forward to more workshops of this type.


Our Mentors appreciating our enthusiasm