” Rishtey Mein Hum Sabke Baap Lagte hain , Naam Hain GWDD “


” Rishtey Mein Hum Sabke Baap Lagte hain , Naam Hain GWDD “- Subhra Ghosh, GWDD, 2ND SEM(APS)

Hi, Readers. I am Subhra Ghosh and this is my first blog. It is all about my journey so far with Arena Animation, Park Street in last 12months. I joined  APS for GWDD course on December of 2016 & I got a huge chance to rediscover myself.

As of now I want to share my journey in APS which has become very important & memorable  part of my life . To be honest I was not so serious in my 1stsemester for my course. But then I started realizing about my own life and career after joining in 2nd semester. My mentor Somnath Sir inspired me from day one when I joined my second semester. After few months, I realized that this is the thing that I wanted to do my whole life and in fact I gradually gained a lot of interest in this particular course. So, I started to do all the work that was needed and still doing so as per my mentor’s instructions with dedication and focus. In second semester I got a chance to become a team-leader as well as a photographer for all the activities that happened over the past few months. In this way , not being a professional  photographer , I somehow discovered that the photography was always there in me to a minimum. And I think you guys have seen the Activity and Mask-painting pictures that are clicked by me in the Social media platforms of Arena Animation, Park Street.

I am very thankful to the Pinocchio room where not only we have to study seriously, but we also listen to music often. I love all the activities that I have done here. The perfect example of how a class should be , is shown to me by the APS Pinocchio lab. Not only that , I have learnt how to cope up with effective pressure from Sir and completed all the Projects that were given to me so far , and that also within specific deadline. This type of pressure has shown me how to make a balance between my Class works and my personal life. To be honest , 3 days in a week with 2 hrs of class is not enough to get to know the subject  GWDD. So with less leisure time, personal enjoyments I had more time to study all that I was needed and still need. I got 3 more months to go but I want so say that I have loved each and every bit of it so far and want to keep on enjoying the time I have left here.

Therefore to all the people who are interested to take part in this course , let me tell you one thing that if you want to make a career out of yourself , GWDD(APS) is the ultimate destination. And by being less idle and more workaholic , you can create a better personality out of yourself with lot of self-esteem and respect as well as you give a little back to your parents and be their every penny’s worth.

I and my parents are very thankful to APS especially my mentor Somnath Chakraborty Sir for believing in me and helping me understand what I was meant to do with my life.




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