Debdatta Pal, GWDD, 2nd SEM (APS)

Hello readers! I am Debdatta Pal, a student of GWDD. While my course here is at the verge of completion, I would like to share my experience with you all.

Often there comes a moment in life when we may become so clueless about the path to continue our journey with, that our frustration and disappointment reaches a pinnacle. Well, I did face such moments and I guess many of you have as well. When stumbling among options to take forward my career with, one fine day I came across this very course, GWDD in Arena Animation – Park Street’s website. Even though I had some knowledge of Graphics but initially I was not much aware of the entire procedure of Web Design and Development. But when I gradually started learning it here, a new liking towards this subject started growing in me. You can say the subject is kind of addictive. The more I am engaging myself into it, day after day I am getting attached with it.

As everyone says, learning never stops. Whatever might be our passion towards, believing in ourselves and working hard immensely for it, is the ultimate key.

I have learnt that while trying to meet the deadlines, I could bring out the best of myself. Through learning GWDD, I have started to acknowledge so many of my positive sides I never knew I possessed. It’s as if I am able to unlock a new aspect of myself every day and thus re-discovering myself in the process. Also in the past months, I have got an opportunity to participate in a logo contest organised and certified by the Uttarakhand Government which has further motivated me to work harder.

A journey is associated with proper guidance and support. And my journey here wouldn’t have been possible without my parents’ support and my mentor Somnath Chakraborty sir’s guidance.  His vision and knowledge are what making this journey enjoyable and resourceful for me.

In today’s fast forward world, everyone thrives to get a work done within a blink of eye and thus making things as digital as possible. Hence, a career in Graphics, Web Design and Development is a perfect choice where there is scope of utilizing the gained knowledge in making a better tomorrow.


” Rishtey Mein Hum Sabke Baap Lagte hain , Naam Hain GWDD “


” Rishtey Mein Hum Sabke Baap Lagte hain , Naam Hain GWDD “- Subhra Ghosh, GWDD, 2ND SEM(APS)

Hi, Readers. I am Subhra Ghosh and this is my first blog. It is all about my journey so far with Arena Animation, Park Street in last 12months. I joined  APS for GWDD course on December of 2016 & I got a huge chance to rediscover myself.

As of now I want to share my journey in APS which has become very important & memorable  part of my life . To be honest I was not so serious in my 1stsemester for my course. But then I started realizing about my own life and career after joining in 2nd semester. My mentor Somnath Sir inspired me from day one when I joined my second semester. After few months, I realized that this is the thing that I wanted to do my whole life and in fact I gradually gained a lot of interest in this particular course. So, I started to do all the work that was needed and still doing so as per my mentor’s instructions with dedication and focus. In second semester I got a chance to become a team-leader as well as a photographer for all the activities that happened over the past few months. In this way , not being a professional  photographer , I somehow discovered that the photography was always there in me to a minimum. And I think you guys have seen the Activity and Mask-painting pictures that are clicked by me in the Social media platforms of Arena Animation, Park Street.

I am very thankful to the Pinocchio room where not only we have to study seriously, but we also listen to music often. I love all the activities that I have done here. The perfect example of how a class should be , is shown to me by the APS Pinocchio lab. Not only that , I have learnt how to cope up with effective pressure from Sir and completed all the Projects that were given to me so far , and that also within specific deadline. This type of pressure has shown me how to make a balance between my Class works and my personal life. To be honest , 3 days in a week with 2 hrs of class is not enough to get to know the subject  GWDD. So with less leisure time, personal enjoyments I had more time to study all that I was needed and still need. I got 3 more months to go but I want so say that I have loved each and every bit of it so far and want to keep on enjoying the time I have left here.

Therefore to all the people who are interested to take part in this course , let me tell you one thing that if you want to make a career out of yourself , GWDD(APS) is the ultimate destination. And by being less idle and more workaholic , you can create a better personality out of yourself with lot of self-esteem and respect as well as you give a little back to your parents and be their every penny’s worth.

I and my parents are very thankful to APS especially my mentor Somnath Chakraborty Sir for believing in me and helping me understand what I was meant to do with my life.