Phir Milenge……APS( GWDD )

Phir Milenge……APS( GWDD )Pooja_singh

Hi, Readers. I, POOJA KUMARI SINGH, back with my second blog. It is all about my journey with Arena Animation, Park Street in last 15 months. I joined  APS for GWDD course which is just completed on 30th November,2017 & I got my dream job which joining date is from 4th December,2017.

Before packing up my bags, I want to share my journey in APS which is very important & memorable  part of my life .Basically ,I was not so serious in my 1st semester for my course. I started realizing about my own life and career after joining in 2nd semester. My mentor Somnath Sir inspired me from the day one when I joined my second semester. After few months, I realized that I can also become independent & feel esteem about me & my family. So, I started to do hard work with dedication, punctuality, discipline & follow the guidelines whichever my mentor instructs. In second semester I got chance to become a team-leader. As a team-leader I learned how to coordinate with team members, to take the responsibility of every small things and to finish work within the given deadlines. On my first activity, as a team leader I failed to organize the things properly and for that my mentor scolded me and that day was the lesson to me for  whole life.

I have enjoyed my web lab (Pinocchio) room very much, not only we have to study seriously, but we also listen music often. I love all the activities , I have done here & desire to come back again in next activity. This 15 months of my  journey taught me a lot. I learnt here how to keep balance between my personal life & professional life. This is my last day with APS but it is professionally. I will remember all lesson which will help me in my near future. I and my parents are very thankful to APS especially my mentor Somnath Chakraborty Sir for believing and taking me there where I am today.

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