My First GWDD Activity Experience

image 3

Avani Jatia, GWDD, Arena Animation, ark Street.

Hi! I am Avani Jatia, a student of GWDD at Arena Park Street.

It was that time of the year where everywhere there was light and joy. So to spread the same message we decided to light up our activity board with full of excitement and enthusiasm. Arena Animation, Park Street has this trend of decorating the activity board based on the festivals. On 11th of October, the students of GWDD came together to work towards this. It was my first activity experience. As the theme was Diwali the students decided to make the art board bright and colourful. We started off by making a design of Rangoli at the bottom of the board. Keeping the Ganeshji and Lakshmiji as the main highlight, the rest of the board was filled with firecrackers and Swastik. The day was filled with creativity, music, laughter, teamwork and hard work. In the afternoon we all had tasty lunch with our teacher. Rangoli is a symbol of joy and happiness, which is why we decided to cover it with glittering, sparkling and festive colours. Our teacher not only teaches us to excel in the field but also to become down to earth and a good human being. The Pinocchio lab is not a classroom but like a second home to all the students.

I had the best experience and it taught me how to manage pressure and work together as a team. From the experience I also learnt time management because by five o clock the board was to be completed and put up on the first floor activity board.  At the end of the day our effort paid off and it gave us a lot of satisfaction. This day will never be forgotten and I am looking forward to many more.

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