Hi! I am Riddhi Modi, a student of the GWDD family at Arena Park Street.

It has been a surreal experience for the past year that i have been here at the Arena Park Street Institute. I started the GWDD course half heartedly since I wasn’t really interested in this field so initially into the course, i wasn’t putting my heart into it. But as time passed i realised that the entire team behind GWDD, that is the students and the teachers, work like a family and the warmth, affection, love and appreciation that i received from them made me gradually feel like I am part of that family. This emotion of belonging brought a major change in me. I felt like I was a part of something productive.


The GWDD family is a one of a kind. Everyone here as a unique presence. We laugh, eat, work, study and do many other activities together. Everyone here is always ready to help you with any kind of work, be it personal or study related. We share ideas, plan our work, do research, and solve problems among ourselves. We all await that one day in a month when we all come together for our monthly activities, do something creative, eat, drink, listen to music and have fun and forget all work pressure and deadlines. The doors to this family always remain opened for all the members. People don’t mind spending their entire day in this room and still can’t get enough.


The head member of this family is our teacher, and he is our leader in every sense of the word. He is one of the most passionate teachers i have seen until now. He loves to bring out the best in people and motivates us to achieve higher than we think we our capable of. He believes in each one of us which in turn makes us believe in ourselves. He is diligently strict, generously friendly, courteously funny, ideologically adventurous and considerately affectionate. He has the best interests for everyone keeping himself and his priorities at the bottom of the list.


Initially i would always be late to class and wasn’t very interested in whatever was going on but now I make sure i’m on time and look forward to going to class now and showing my work to people who appreciate my hard work wholeheartedly. They make me feel more confident about myself and give me hope for a brighter future. This family has changed me mentally and behaviourally in a good way and that makes me feel I’m at a better place in life, than i was a year back. I’m grateful for their love and support and wish to always be a part of this WONDERFUL GWDD FAMILY.




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