Coding never lies, comments do!!

Coding never lies, comments do!!2

Hi, I am Nabanita Chakraborty. I am a student of ARENA ANIMATION,PARK STREET and my journey has almost come to an end.

After schooling, everybody told me that my ultimate career timing has begun. But I didn’t only want to do graduation, I was also interested in doing something creative and different. So I decided to do my graduation from a private college and also researched on a creative career. Then I found Arena Animation, Park Street. I noticed that APS is a very popular and reputed institute of Graphics, Web Design and Development. I was inspired by getting the ex-students feedbacks and comments and they are already well-settled in their own field.

Then, I joined Arena Animation, Park Street, and I started my GWDD course. Web is very special and interesting to me. Initially I was scared but gradually I fell in love with the subject. After starting I realized that it’s really interesting and very easy if you understand. Doing coding is ultimate relaxation to me.

Apart from studies, I also learnt team coordination and team work on the day of our Monthly Activity. On that day, we didn’t study, we showcased our creativity, our hidden talents. We got to know our GWDD family members and friends closely.

The faculties of APS are very helpful and inspiring. My teacher was very helpful and very supportive. His teaching style was really awesome. Not only course subject, he taught me how to become a good Web Designer and Developer and also how to become a good human being. He gave me guidance and helped me to achieve my goal that is why I got my appointment letter within 3 days before my course ended. I am very thankful to my teacher and faculties for helping me throughout my entire journey in Arena Animation, Park Street. Thank you APS for always being there for me.

I will miss my friends, my Pinocchio Lab and my entire APS family a lot. Thank you for this breathtaking and amazing experience.