Whoever said, slowing down is giving up on life?

kunal's photo for blog

Hello, I’m Kunal Chakraborty from Singur.I joined Arena Animation , Park Street 15 months ago & now there are just few hours remaining to leave my institute.After completing collage, lots of negetive thoughts started to appear in my mind. I thought for a while, that this may be the end.But somewhere there was a strong belief in my mind that, this is the beginning. I thought, what should I do right now ? Where can I utilize my potentiality ? Then just I came to know about Arena Animation, Park Street & this course GWDD(Graphic,Web Design & Development) , which is ruling the entire digital world. Instantly, I took the decision & got admission.Today,i feel happy that my guardian  taken one of the best decision for my life.

For me ,Arena Animation , Park Street isn’t only an Institute,it’s the family where I grew up in the last one & half year. During this course , i never felt for a moment that i am just doing a normal class , It was like my home where i can do all the works with full freedom.All the emotions has already mixed. The bondage ,the love that we all have shared during this wonderful journey through this course , it’s unforgettable.

Faculties are very very helpful. They provided me whatever i needed. They helped me in so many ways.I learned so many things from them. The whole atmosphere is very friendly & always feel motivated.

Let me come to that person, my teacher, my mentor. He is incredible in so many ways. I not only learned  how to do work in proper manner , but also learned how to build a team , how to stay focused on career . He had taken care of me like a Big Brother & never left my hands in any situation.He shows me the right path. I learned from him the most important lesson of my life – how to become a good human being!. Without his proper guidance & care i may not be in this position , today where i am.

It is very hard to believe for me that this lovely journey finally comes to an end . I got a lifetime bonding ,family ,friends & thousands of memory that i will take away with me. I will miss the fragrance of every corner of my Pinocchio Lab . I will miss the every second that i spent in this small room. I will miss my friends , who stood by my side in every situation. My experience in Arena Animation , Park Street with GWDD was amazing.This place will always hold a special place in my heart. My love for APS , GWDD , Pinocchio Lab can’t be expressed within just 300 words.Sorry!!!

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