One Day or Day One…You Decide


Hello! I’m Bhaswati Ghosh. I’m going to share my journey of 15 months course in Arena Animation, Park Street.

As a student I always have an interest in creative fields and never wanted to choose the stereotype career options. Now-a-days Graphics & Web designing is a great career option. So I choose to enter this field to become professional. Joining Arena Animation, Park Street is one of the finest decisions that I had made in my life.

The very first thing I want to share about Arena Animation, Park Street is, the atmosphere is very friendly. All the faculties are very helpful & they did answer all of our questions without any delay.

I feel lucky to get admitted in Graphics & Web designing & Development and learning web design & development under the guidance of my respected Sir. He is one of the best persons I have made in my life till now & the ultimate source of my motivation to be focused on my goal. He never teaches us in bookish oriented manner & keep encouraging us every day to learn more and more new things. His teaching method not only helps to improve our way of studying but to become a good human being. I’m very thankful to get the immense support, encouragement.  Above all GWDD is like a family. We also get the opportunity to express our creative skills, to work as a team in ” Monthly Activity”. It has been a truly unforgettable journey with GWDD family of APS.

Thank you APS for giving me the platform which I needed.


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