Hi! My name is Chetna Kumari and my course has almost come to an end. Right from the time I started researching institutes during my college days, Arena Animation, Park Street, was among those I was targeting. The things that caught my attention was its reputation, position and experiences of the ex-students.

Graphic Design has always been one of my creative interests and when I joined APS, not only were my skills sharpened, but I also discovered hidden talents that I had within me. Apart from studies, I also got the opportunity to showcase my talents on our Monthly Activity Day. I learnt team coordination and team work and I also got to know my friends better.

The faculties of APS are very sincere, dedicated and approachable. Every time I missed a lesson, I got the opportunity to do extra classes and I was provided with the study material the very next day. The course assignments did an extremely great job in strengthening my skills.

My teacher was very helpful and very timely in answering all my questions. Not only did he teach me how to become a good Graphic Designer but he also taught me how to become a good human being. His passion for the subjects, he taught me, really inspired me. I am extremely grateful to those who have been part of this beautiful journey and of course, APS, for making me the person I am today.

My experience with APS has been a wonderful balance of skill, fun and friendship.MY EXPERIENCE IN APS WITH GWDD

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