Hello Readers! Thank you for appreciating my last blog. I am here with yet another topic to put light upon.

When someone is born, he/she enters into the world with their distinct attributes, which in a way, are different than others. These attributes include talents, which becomes a person’s asset for a lifetime. God bestows everyone with some talent or the other but it is a human’s sole to duty to polish it and take it far.

As we start growing up, we gradually start realizing our talents and the fields we have interest in. Some convert their talents into their careers, while others leave behind their talents for their careers. The choice is definitely of an individual whether or not to use their talents. Being successful is very important in today’s times, Money, wealth, standard of living , everything depends on how successful you are. Being successful can earn all these things for you. But let me ask you all a question, can being successful really buy you happiness? My answer would be “No”. We find happiness in what we love doing and what we are best at. If a person loves dancing but spends all day working in front of a laptop just to earn, he/she doesn’t make time, to actually work on their talents. This may bring them their monthly pay but their self-quality gets deteriorated. In a hoard of being successful , we often ignore what our inner-self wants.

One may feel that many talents cannot bring desired success. Yes, it’s true , but out of 24 hours in a day or 7 days in a week, we can take out sometime to polish and make use of our talents. Likewise, I am learning Graphics and Web Development & Designing, but I make sure to take some time out of my busy schedule to write blogs, poems, quotes and even dance, basically to do all those things where my talent lies. A talent left unnoticed, will become obsolete with time and may vanish one day. I can give various examples for this, my father can sketch really well, but due to his business and family duties, he hardly gets time for sketching. He has locked his passion for sketching somewhere in a deep corner of his heart and the key is lost. Would you like this to happen to yourself? I guess none would want to experience this . So before the time runs out, make time for the little talents God has sent you with and employ them for your happiness.

I would conclude with my self-statement that “Talent is that Gift of God, which comes with us, grows with us, and gets old with us. So before it dies, let it live to its fullest”.