‘LIFE BEFORE AND AFTER JOINING GWDD’ by Ritika Gupta ,GWDD,Arena Animation,Park Street


Hello Readers,

There comes a few events in our lives, which changes our lifestyle, our habits, and the way we look up to things that comes in our way. These changes may be negative or positive. Few changes may build you, while others may totally destroy you. Changes comes either to make us or break us. And one such change came into my life which I would want to share with all my readers.

Before joining GWDD, I worked as a Dance Instructor at Sangvi Dance Centre but due to some major health issues, I had to quit dancing. And hence, the gap between leaving this job and joining GWDD at Arena Animation Park Street happened to be nearly 6 months. These 6 months were the worst 6 months of my life where I had nothing to do. My self-confidence became zero and I used to sit idle just wondering what really I can do with my career. My morale gradually gone down and I felt no less than a loser. One fine day, my Dad made me realize that I had a creative skill in myself which I can use in building up my career further. And after days of research and self-interrogation, I finally joined Graphics & Web Designing and Development (GWDD) at Arena Animation Park Street. Since that day my life completely changed. I regained my confidence back and I started enjoying my classes and learning something so fresh and new. Everyone in my family started appreciating my choice of choosing this course. My teachers made me realize my potential and filled me with an utmost zest of creating something new each day and becoming successful someday. I started working on my assignments and even started my own page as a Freelancer on Facebook, thorugh which I started getting orders for works. And finally, I was earning again, be it in small amount, but the happiness was unmatchable. I was no more idle and never called myself a loser again. I am very much happy and really feel blessed that I chose GWDD as a career.

I would like to conclude with the statement, “Changes are a way of life”, because if we live the life in the same genre, it will become monotonous and uninteresting. To add the spice in life, changes are necessary. And the way this course changed me, I wish and hope that one day I would definitely stand up on my own feet, and make everyone around me proud and happy.

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