Art of getting what you want:


By Bhaswati Ghosh,GWDD

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

– Walt Disney.

This is one my favourite quotes and I try to follow this. We are very familiar with “Hard work pays off”. So one thing is  sure that dreaming is not  enough. To achieve something we need to work hard, have to be focused . As a kid almost everyone has to face a very common question, that  is “boro hoye ki hobe”?( What will you become in future?) . To be very honest  I don’t have any specific answer . Every parents have a desire to make their kids as  a doctor or engineer in near future . But I am very lucky that my parents given me that opportunity of  freedom to choose. And personally, I myself don’t want to follow the same path. I’m willing to explore something new, something creative, in which I can use my own ideas,where I have the scope to express  myself. Work by following same old rules each n everyday it’s not my cup of tea.  I can work hard for a purpose which will give me satisfaction at the end of the day. I know walking down a new path is not easy, there will be obstacles, and there will be chances to get lost. But taking risk is better than regretting .I will try my best, I have to.

The work of the graphic designer is to make sure that the graphic designing  conveys the emotions and answers all .Nowadays  in this field there is lot of scope. Graphics & Web designing  is a great career option. So I choose to enter this field & to become professional. That’s why I got admitted in the GWDD (Graphics, Web designing & Development) course in Arena Animation, Park Street.  With the immense help of my teachers, I’m gradually learning new things every day. By attending the seminar, master class getting lot of information about the graphic and web industry and its technological side, which will surely help me to achieve my goal. I also want to mention the monthly activity we do , that helps me to gain the basic idea of what is “team work” . I am a newbie in the web platform, looking forward to learn more from my teacher and to become a professional graphics & web designer under  their guidance.

Lastly I want to share what I truly feel, that failure, getting depressed, criticism is part of life, we can’t skip this. But belief in yourself, courage to struggle, maintaining safe distance from negative people & thoughts  helps us to keep going , that’s the art of getting what we want. NEVER GIVE UP.

Art of getting what you want: