blog_ritika_guptaWHY I CHOSE GWDD AS A CAREER

Hello, this is Ritika Gupta, an aspiring Graphics & Web designer. Well, if it comes to choosing GWDD as a career option, I have got a bundle of reasons for it. First of all, I believe in the saying of “ make your hobby a profession”, and creativity and designing has always been in my hobby list. Moreover, GWDD has a vast scope, it is the base of marketing in today’s time. A company, small or big, needs to have a logo, a brand package, and sometimes a website of its own as well, and for that, we designers are recruited.

GWDD has its own beauty, the best part being unbouned-creativity , in this particular profession, you can spill all your imagination on to your creations. Graphics is applied everywhere, basically for the promotion and recognition purposes. This beauty is what I appreciate the most. Whenever I get an oppurtunity to create something, I feel delighted that there are no rules that are going to bound my work, I can create what my mind feels like.

Most importantly, GWDD allows me to explore new horizons of the designing world, where I can use my knowledge, skills and creativity to the optimum. Today’s time is just a “button-press” time, you press a button on your smartphone and it takes you to your desired destination, and in this we designers play the most vital role.

Basically, GWDD allows me to contribute to the modern upliftment of the society and also explore and put down my imagination & creativity to the best use.

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