NAZISH ULLAH, August 24, 2016

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Hello friends, my name is NAZISH ULLLAH and I am pursuing my GWDD course from


“I want to keep learning,  keep exploring , keep doing more”-JESSYE NORMAN. This above quote is my favorite , because this is really what I always want to do .

It  took me several  years  to work out for my ideal career based on my inner choice and skills. To be very honest  I  have  difficulty envisioning  what I really want to do , or expect from myself. I have chosen   this  platform  GWDD  to develop  and enrich my hidden talents. I want to give right direction and focus on  my career  to build my skills first to pursue my purpose of life.

After  giving  birth to my daughter I just stop dreaming about my own choices , because  continuously  busy  playing  my  role of motherhood.  Even though I  was enjoying it , but at the same time missing  myself  , a person who has a quest for knowledge to enlighten  and  upgrade oneself.

Thankfully  after  several  years  of gap I have  realized my  ideal  platform  to  opt  as a  career  with the help of my  husband. He  always encouraged  me  to learn  those subject , which is relevant to latest technologies ,  and very demanding in the market.

After  doing  research  on  internet  ,  we found  that  this GWDD course  will  be  the best  preference for me to opt for, as it is a combination of creativity and  programming.  I can update myself  and earn good amount to  stand on my own  feet. I will be independent  to earn and  explore ,  without depending  upon  my husband for each single thing.

I  have given  first preference , to join at ARENA PARK STREET because  it is very close to my daughter’s  school.   It’s  just  not  only giving me education but mental peace too,  I am very much satisfied with the healthy environment of this institute , which unites each one of us ,like a whole family.

One of the very important and main thing is , which I have come across  after joining here, is  that if the student have  dedication and is hard working , then faculty of APS will help them to achieve success and fulfill  his or her dream.

This course will not only make us independent, confident but the most important thing is ,it will up to date ourselves with the latest  technology. We will not feel  lost in this field.


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