How We Should Prepare Ourselves For Getting A Job In GWDD


Hello! I am Soubhik Nandi,  student of GWDD from Arena Animation, Park Street. Today  I have to narrate ” how to prepare ourselves in order to get a job”. We all know that we are about to enter in the professional field after completing the GWDD course with Arena Animation. Our teachers always says that, there is no shortcuts to get success. If you  work hard, success will come automatically. It is absolutely true. But only working hard will not serve the purpose. In my point of view, there is some aspects in professional world that one should mention. These are-

Positive Attitude: You must have positive attitude. These are chances that you will get lots of ups and downs in this way. Don’t lose your confident and stay positive. Never get upset. Whenever you fill upset ,spent the time by  listening song, playing game, playing music. For getting job you have to be very honest, transparent which is very important.

Practice & Research: Always you have to practice to your subject. Without practice and research you can’t get success in your professional life. You need to be innovative with  creative ideas.

Punctuality: Time and tide dose not wait for none. If you don’t respect the value of time, it will not respect you. So need to be punctual with your project, complete it on time.

Smart Work: Hard work is needed. But smart work is the key in your professional life. Repeating the same mistake everyone will lag behind of you.

Dedication & Sincerity: Love your work and do it with dedication & sincerity. It is very important to love your work. At the end of the day passion for doing the work will give you  a satisfaction which is endless.

According to me these are most important pillars to lay foundation of success.


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