Amar Shohor, Amar Kolkata


“kak daka vor”, overhead ware,

The first tram on the empty road;

Even the daylight is not expand properly-

The layer of darkness…

A slight prying in a path of life.

The water is full to the brim

On Door-frame of the temple.

A strange busyness

On the road side tea shop.

Starting of a new day…

Starting of a busy life…

Good morning Kolkata!

Amar Shohor, Amar KolkataAfter going outside for 3 days from Kolkata it became a get out of breath for me because Kolkata is not only a city for me, it is my root. Balance of the Howrah Bridge, nostalgia of the coffee house, enthusiasm of the Victoria Memorial, vintage of the Trams, Art of the Kumartuli, Rabindranath Tagore, the Ganges,  Culture, Tradition & many more things are the soul of Kolkata & the Kolkata is the soul of mine. It just like a relationship for me where the each moment of my life since my childhood, my parents, school, friends, college are inlaid.

The city is the spectator of my happiness, sorrows, taste. Hospitality is one of the best quality of my city. During Durga Puja the city transforms into a different mood. Here every day is celebration and the celebration is for the Art, Culture & Tradition. It is a continual process. Generation after generation the tradition was maintained. There are no stories made from Kolkata, it itself is an example of a story. By keeping witness in the pages of history, it not easy to describe Kolkata if we want to know about Kolkata then we have to walk on the road of the city & feel the every layers of mood.

I am proud to say “Amar Shohor, Amar Kolkata” !!

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