Importance of Graphic Design – The secret to Creativity

An Article by Sneha Lakhotia (Student of Arena Multimedia – Park Street)

Graphic Design in a simple sense is the ability to create, design and to showcase your skills by your ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. Graphic Design is everywhere, touching everywhere, everything we see, everything we buy.

Graphic Design is present everywhere in Today’s Society. In Newspaper, Magazine, Packaging, Branding, Websites, Posters, Books and signage. There is a graphic design almost everywhere you look and every successful Business Needs Graphic Design. Another reason why Graphic Design is important is because Human Beings are Visual Creature.

Graphic Design is an art of visualizing ideas. Graphic Design makes Information less boring. Graphic Designer can design a proper image by understanding the requirement of the company and its clients. In order to increase the traffic or business in online, the Graphic Design play a vital role. Today’s generation those who born during or after the advent of Digital technology are known as digital natives and grabbing their attention takes eye catching Graphic Design on both social media pages and in video.

Your Graphic Design and logo can play a big role, in how your product or service is perceived by social media user. Having an attractive Design help us to strengthen your Brand, build trust with the consumer and make your business seem larger than it is.


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