An Article By Aafreen Naaz (Web Student at Arena Multimedia – Park Street)


Web designing is basically related to designing of web pages. The pages which we see on the internet are designed in different ways. These designs include images, text, graphics, hyperlinks etc. The designing of these pages is basically done by the web designers, who are specialised in this with the help of software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Coreldraw etc. to meet the various demands of designing.

Web designers design all these web pages keeping some points in mind like customer’s demand, suitability, needs and accessibility. These web pages are then given to the web developer whose role is to technically develop all these pages for upload on the internet.

Web development involves the construction of web pages and how they will appear on the internet. These web pages are developed with the help of programming languages like HTMP, CSS, Javascript etc.

Developer use these programming languages and build the page which goes live for the audience who is using the internet. As the web industry is growing more and more, need for web designing and development is becoming essential, as everything nowadays is related to web. Web designing and development has a large scope in current market scenario.

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