Tasting The Flavour Of Success vide Graphics & Web Designing

Our Ex Student Bhagyashree Deb shares her success story:

Initially I was not aware of web designing and developing. Never had I any thoughts about the subject. How it works? what it takes to became a web professional?

I was in my final year, when I decided to take up web as profession. Since I was unaware of the entire industry. I decided to visit Arena Animation Park Street (APS) with my parents, to get information about the subject and various career opportunities that are attached with this industry.

After getting all the information, I was convinced that I can make a better career in this industry. Finally, I got myself admitted in APS. I had joined GWDD course and I was determined to get the best job as per my capability as soon as possible. I wanted to stand on my own feet so that I could help my parents and bring joy to them. In addition, I wanted to be independent and self-sustained.

For entire one year, I only had one target and that was to learn and update myself as much as possible. I wanted to be the best among all. To start with, I was very tense regarding the class, as the entire subject was new to me. At some point, I even lost my way and got demotivated. However, our respected sir guided me and motivated me all the time. Thanks to him, I got my way back and slowly started building up the momentum for the course. Thanks to him, I was filled with confidence, that yes I can also do it.

Today I have a job am doing very well in my career. To be successful, all it took was hard work, seriousness toward the subject and great effort. Since this entire industry is ever changing, one needs to be kept updated all the time. Yes, Sir will be there, however we have to stand on our own feet to really taste the flavor of success.

At Present My Designation is UI Developer.

Bhagyasree Deb.

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