Why Animation & Why APS?

Rajkumar Pan’s thoughts on the subject.

I choose Arena Animation Park Street because it has been producing the best animators. I am an entrepreneur (An Interior Designer). Working for many years, establishing myself. Now, I decided to make my dream come true.

Animation……A totally different culture. Culture that help us learn together, work together and finally to be together. When I decided to learn this subject, my first thought was that it is another computer based subject, working with software; but today after one and a half years my opinion has totally changed. Now I have learnt the value of working together, and the bonding in life.

Animation……An ocean of knowledge. When you are learning animation you have to gather knowledge about each and every single details of this universe i.e. Architecture, Interior Designer, Engineering, Space, Physics, Underwater, Nature, Sports and so on. So studying animation would be a great opportunity for those who really want to earn knowledge. It’s a world where perfection of your work makes you learn more and appeals to your audience.

Animation……It helps to discover the aesthetic value of everyday human life and togetherness. Not only these, it also helps you to grow and start up your career with a great opportunity in the up-growing Animation Industry.

So, if you are ready to fly with the leaders then fasten your seat belt with the leader to be a leader.



Kamlesh Patel writes about a Surprise Project that he participated in at APS

On 20th November 2015, as we entered the Pinocchio Lab for our normal class, instantly a surprise test was taken and we were divided into two teams Team A and Team B. I was a member of Team B. We were then assigned with a surprise group project by our respected Somnath Sir.

The topics were as follows :

  • Team A – Peace Foundation.
  • Team B – Digital Marketing.

I was representing Team B and the project which we received was Digital Marketing. We were assign to create :

  1. Web Template for a company.
  2. Logo for the company.
  3. Visiting Card for the company.

My Team Members

None of us had any proper knowledge on how to present and promote a product or a service digitally to the consumer. Then as a group we conducted a thorough research on what is Digital Marketing and how to promote a product or a service digitally.

We found that Digital Marketing is very innovative and wonderful concept in today’s world. It helps to promote the product and services with the help of Digital Marketing Channels to reach the consumer in an appropriate manner. Digital Marketing has become a powerful network of advertisement. With the help of Digital Marketing promoting any product through internet has become convenient and cost-effective.

I think that with such technology, marketing of any kind of products has become a lot more easier, the consumer’s conveniences has become possible.

At this point more or less we all had a concept on how to promote a product digitally through Digital Marketing Channel i.e Web. And we started our project Digital Marketing on Coco Café Restaurant. We wanted to promote Coco Café Restaurant by the services it provides the customers such as:


Now it was time to implement the ideas . We distributed the work. So while some were making the Web Template for the company, others were making the logo and the visiting card for the company. And finally we succeeded in our given task.

Following are the works:


The Logo that we designed


The Visiting Card


The Web Template

After completion of the project we were instructed to upload it to the social media like facebook etc. to get a positive or negative feedback from the audience point of view to evaluate our skill, knowledge and performance.

-Kamlesh Patel

Participting in Activities at APS

Kanishka Saha feels that participating in activities at APS has helped him to discover a new potential in himself

Being a student of APS I had learned a lot. Its not only given me technical knowledge to enhance my career as a web designer and developer , but it also taught me to be a key team player, to do things differently and how to work within a team.


Few months back, we had started doing team activities. During these activities, I discovered a new potential within me. A hidden talent once can say. Working in a team for the first time was a big challenge. Especially working with the one whom I do not know and never interacted with them . Thanks to our respected Sir for giving me the opportunity to lead the entire team. That was a great experience. Yes during my first activity as team leader, I was nervous. However, thanks to the entire team member who really coordinated in a perfect manner making the activity a success. I also got a huge support from my mentor. Without his support, I would not be able to complete the entire activity as a team leader.

After that, we had a number of activities. With every activity, I grew in confident and I become more comfortable with my team members. During this period, I learnt how to overcome various hurdles in order to complete a certain task. This experience will be very helpful in my coming year.

The last activity, which I participated in, was a magazine for APS. In this magazine, I had highlighted most of the students work, and given brief information about APS. I wish that, this magazine should be carried on as a legacy telling the success story of APS students. It should become a tool of motivation for the coming generation.

It has been a wonderful experience being a student of APS. The support and motivation, which I receive here, is awesome. It has been a superb experience.

Thank you APS.

-Kanishka Saha

How a class is conducted at APS

Bhartesh Jajoo shares how a class is conducted at APS


At 9am, our class starts with a 30 minutes typing speed practice in MS Word to increase our typing speed.

After that, Somnath Sir talks to us for 10 to 15 minutes to give us all the necessary updates which are important for us like whether there is any seminar or any competition organized by Arena.

Next, we plan with Sir about what we will learn on that day. Sir teaches us according to that plan. At the end of the class Sir conducts a Q&A session to clear our doubts. This is followed by a 10 minute break for refreshment before starting another topic. This is our daily class routine at APS


Somnath Sir’s Class at APS

We end the session with a group discussion and plan on issues like what to do in next class or for some kind of activities.


With my classmates at APS

Activity Sessions

When we do any activity, we follow all the things which we have discussed and planned in our group discussion. We reach at 8:30am and start our work. In that activity, each of us has some responsibility. We tell our Respected Somnath Sir that we will complete the work within a specific time. According to that, Sir always reminds us of timing that how much time is left. It gives lot of encouragement from our Sir when he guides us in that manner. He allows us to switch on the music for some refreshment and fun. Activities at APS are lots of fun and enjoyment.

-Bhartesh Jajoo

Sharing My Experience on e-Portfolio

Sneha Lakhotia shares her e-Portfolio experience

On 28th September, 2015 , A Seminar on e-Portfolio was held at Arena Multimedia – Park Street under the guidance of Somnath Sir. He shared his view and opinion on e-Portfolio and also discussed the benefits & importance of an e-Portfolio. Here, I want to share and discuss about what is an e-Portfolio…..

e-Portfolio is an electronic portfolio i.e. it is a medium to communicate and showcase skills, experience and learning. In simple way we can say, that it is a way of presenting oneself online.

In an e-Portfolio we can showcase our best work to present evidence of our expertise and accomplishments to a specific audience such as an employer or teacher. An e-Portfolio is a process of learning to achieve our desired goals and activities and also encourage detailed learning through collaboration and reflection. Creating an e-Portfolio is a professional and educational opportunity. It can also prepare you for your Job.

Four steps you should follow to prepare your work and information:

  • Start collecting the experience of your life i.e. the work you have done or thoughts which have been written down. The collection becomes your personal database.
  • Give time to yourself and think who you are and what you want to be. Identify your goals it may be short –term or long-term and come up with action plans.
  • Follow your plans.
  • Prepare your work and reflection, and put them in your database.

An e-Portfolio consist of four different sections:

  1. Profile: Personal details, short description about yourself, values and beliefs, Interest and hobbies.
  2. Summary: Target audience, Purpos, Goals and Action Plans.
  3. Showcase: Show work and share experiences and also organise them with description and reflection.
  4. Qualifications: Educational Background, Scholarships, Awards, Co-curricular Activities, Work Experience and other information.

Overall the Seminar was beneficial to all the Students and we understood the Scenario of e-Portfolio that we intend to implement in our near future.

Thanks to Sir , for conducting this Seminar.

See beyond and find the real you

Swarnali Mondal had a dream. Did it come true? Read this blog post to find out.

My dream was clear for me – an Astronaut. Well you must be surprised.

Now here comes a U-turn. Curious!!?

Here, who is writing the article is not an astronaut rather she is a learner, few steps away to be an Animator.

My life is not going to be a nerdy one anymore.

Whatever is meant for you, is yours and it comes to your way by hook or crook. Animation came to me as a new hope, it’s a life changing decision I’ve made in my life. I joined Arena Animation Park Street branch since, it has been producing one of the best Animators around the world. I stepped inside a whole new world, whose few particles was already within me; but didn’t realized before.

My interactions with teachers and pupils made me realize the bond between them. The principle goes like – Be YOURSELF, WE are just making you learn the tools, it’s YOU who will choose the path through.

  • I made many new friends here.
  • I got one of the best teachers to guide me.


After few months of joining I got to know about an event called ORBIT LIVE. A wonderful experience so far. All kind of exclusive stars of animation are here to welcome your talent. They are ready to gift you the spotlight. The caption is cool – Hear The Stars, Meet The Stars, Be The Stars. This event really raised my confidence up.


Swarnali receiving a Certificate from Mr. Gurtaj Mangat at Orbit Live, Mumbai


Swarnali receiving an award at Orbit Live from Mr. Easo Matthews


This (APS) is such an institute that will hold up your creativity rise up high. We are always having one or the other event throughoit the whole year. I got so much appreciations and even got inspired from few of my friends’ work.

At the end, it’s like whatever you deserve you will get, may be the better one; so at present it’s a bit tough but in future you may have a blast if you give your 100% to your work (audience).


A wall painting on our APS classroom wall done by me




– Douglas Adams.

Life doesn’t go the way sometimes you thought it might, you need to go on to see beyond.



Digital Life

Shrabati Paul, a student of Arena Multimedia Park Street shares her thoughts on the subject.

 In the earlier days it was very difficult to find and connect with people. Writing a letter was one of the most effective forms of communication be it personal or official/professional. But it took a lot of time.

But nowadays we all interact with each other in a different way. Everything is digital. Marketing, Selling, Communication everything is happening digitally. The social media sites are making it much easier for people to find one another and reconnect.

These social media sites have changed the way we interact with each other. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vine and more make it simple to stay connected. Millions of users are connected through the social media. It is a platform through which we express ourselves. It is a part of our daily life. Not only personal, but it is also a great tool for business.

I remember that day when I was first introduced to the social media. Its features & concept were new to me. But now it has become a habit, taking a selfie and posting it on social media is common for me now. J

we can share news about your feeling, experience etc. through statuses, pictures and videos. Or we can share what we have done through the day. It’s seems like a dream everything is in your hand everything is possible.

Not only personal sharing if you are searching for a job the social media plays a great role. You can find a job as per your requirement. The hiring managers can find a candidate online.

Want to sell products? Post an advertisement online to find different kinds of customer through media. LinkedIn is a best networking site to communicate in the professional field.

Money payment, online booking, product selling, interact, communication, all of these can be done on the digital media. It’s a full of package. This makes our life easier.

-By Sharabanti Paul

Unforgettable Achievement

From my childhood I have been interested in painting. The love for paintings grew and gradually my parents started noticing it. They encouraged me to participate in different painting competitions. I did well everywhere.

There are two painting competitions in my life, I cannot ever forget. These two competitions welled up my confidence to such a level that I even started contemplating my career in such kind of creative fields.

The first competition was held for children by Shankar’s international in Delhi when I was nine years old. That day was unforgettable when I received a silver medal in this competition from The Vice president of India.

The second unforgettable competition was held when I was 15. This time I won the silver medal for the competition on painting held by Shankar’s international Children competition in Delhi.

17th January 2003, was a memorable day in my life. On that day I received the silver medal in painting from The President of India, none other than the missile man Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

I cannot forget that day, throughout my life. I attended the prize distribution ceremony in Delhi with my parents. When I entered this place I noticed that many participants of various countries were present in that ceremony. I felt little bit nervous to see all these people along with media and press personalities. When I was requested to take a seat beside an Australian woman, I was overwhelmed at that moment. At the very moment the President of India entered the hall, The National Anthem started, we all stood up and I felt every bit of that moment.

After that the prize distribution started. Suddenly my name was called to receive the prize and my heart filled with joy and pride. When I went to the Dias to receive the prize from President of India Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, I was speechless. I cannot forget that moment when president of India told me ‘Hello Sumana best of luck’ and shook my hand. My eyes were full of tears. While returning from the Dias after receiving the prize, I was very glad to see that the audiences were clapping for me. It seems like whole world is applauding my creativity.

-By Sumana Chattopadhyay

Unexpected Encounter

Arijit Das shares his experience about an unexpected encounter with “The PJ”

Many a times the best things happens unexpectedly…………

It was 28th September’15, and suddenly during the break we were called upon by our sir to the Rhythm lab.

As we entered, there were all familiar faces except a person who was in T-shirt and quarters and a cap on his head. Till then we also didn’t know who he was, until Ruia sir introduced him to us.

He was Mr. Prosenjit Ganguly aka “PJ”, one of the most popular and liked independent animation film designer of our country. For a moment I was astounded and then something popped in my mind that I previously heard about him and his workshops.


An animated PJ

Prosenjit Ganguly is an alumnus and former member of the faculty of the National Institute of Design (NID). He is a screenwriter, creative director, IP creator, stop-motion animator, voice artist and media educator. His short films have been showcased in more than 20 countries winning 3 international awards. We were standing with a person of that caliber in the same room of APS was something we could have ever expected for.

Once he started talking, his way of talking with us, body gestures with that smile in his face was noticeable. Is he an animator? Or an animated character himself?? It was blissful to eyes.
Though it was a short span of interaction with him, in that session…..

  • He told us on how to be focused and disciplined to our works and enjoy working on it.
  • He shared some of his experiences from his days in NID and some from the workshops he conducted.
  • How to work in a team, he illustrated it with a very good example and also told how important is team-work for us.
  • He gave us a touch of how professionals works in the animation industry.

His way of telling all this added with humour made it so enchanting for us to listen. We also asked some queries to him and he explained it to us.


PJ, interacting with us

At the end of that quick session, Ruia sir asked PJ if he can have some time time and conduct a workshop for APS. We were so excited and PJ didn’t let us down. He told next time he comes to Kolkata, he will try his best.

Thank you PJ and thank you Ruia sir for making it one of the most inspiring sessions that I will never forget in my life.

We are impatiently waiting to meet you again.

-by Arijit Das


Blog article by Mir Wasim Ali, a student of Graphics, Web Design & Development at Arena Multimedia – Park Street

In the current technology era, communication is the most vital part of man’s life. Without proper communication survival of human race will be difficult. Amongst the numerous resources for communication, website or World Wide Web is vital part.

With the increase in web technology and easy access to the internet website are becoming the need of everyone. As the Smartphones are getting more and more user friendly, with load of features to offer, they are really giving the P.C. and Laptop a run for their money.

At present, a website is becoming a part of digital identity. It does not matter whether you are an individual or an organization, having a website is necessary. This not only creates identity about you, but it also gives easy information about you or your organization to mass audience. With the raise in E-Commerce, website is becoming more and more important.

With all this features and advantages, website is no doubt will be in demand for many years to come. However, the competition will become tough. Then digital marketing will play a very important role. Let me explain with an example. Lets say, there’s a mall in your city. In that mall there are many stores selling all types of products. After few months, 10 more malls open up with the same business pattern. With so many options for customer to chose, it becomes increasingly difficult to capture the attention of the customer. So in order to gain attention of customers, every shopkeeper needs to promote its store and increase its revenue. In same manner, you need promotion for your website. Thus, marketing is a vital part of E-Commerce site.

Keeping all this in mind, selecting web as profession does have a bright career opening. However, one should keep in mind that to become successful in this field one needs to be open for the changes. Because web technology and taste of customer changes with time.

-Mir Wasim Ali (Student of APS, enrolled in “The Graphics & Web Design & Development” Program)