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Greetings to all,

Let me start by a short introduction. My name is Vidhi Saraogi. I am pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata along with Graphic Designing and video editing course from the eminent institute, Arena Animation, Park Street.

As we know the destitute stage that the world is facing right now, Coronavirus (COVID-19) which is an transmissible disease, has called on the public to join a “collective national effort” and follow social distancing guidance to control the stark numbers, and control the acceleration by staying at home.

The intention of writing this blog is to tell you all what I have been doing during this lockdown period, this is my first blog writing experience. Personally, I am a procrastinator so the first thing that I have been trying to do is to be calm and focus on getting everything on track.

I have started utilising this period by connecting to a positive energy by meditating and practising yoga. My day starts with Surya namaskar where various asanas are performed followed by meditation. It helps me focus on my chores the entire day.

Besides that, is my online course where I have been learning, various softwares in graphic designing and video editing: Photoshop and Premiere pro respectively. I am very grateful to my institute, Arena Animation for providing me this platform as well as my mentor Miss Pooja in motivating me to be consistent with my work and constantly reminding me the upcoming challenges that we have to face in this field.

I have started gaining interest in some tactful games like chess and business cards. Reading has proved to be a very influential skill during this time of leisure like I have started following various doyens and reading their inspiring stories. While stepping out to kill the boredom is not a choice anymore, staying indoors and enjoying Netflix shows is the safest option.

When was the last time you used your kitchen over to bake muffins or the rolling pin to roll out a pie? If you can’t recall, maybe this is the time to put on the masterchef hat and rock.

Ending my teens in Quarantine will be a tale to tell to our forthcoming generations. As to how we saved the world we live in by staying indoors close to our family and loved ones. Reconnecting with my old friends and laughing over the same jokes is quite an entertainment itself.

Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying that looking at the bright side of any difficult situation is sometimes the answer to all the worries. How we had been abusing the world we live in and this lockdown is the perfect detox the Earth needed right now. We all are in this together and this too shall pass.

Vidhi Saraogi

Student of Arena Animation- Park Street

Being positive in times of uncertainty


Hello everyone, I am Eshani Singhania. Currently I am doing a course on graphic designing alongside my Bachelor in Management Studies. I am pursuing the designing course from Arena Animation Park Street which is a renowned organization in Kolkata. In this blog I will try to explain what I’ve been doing while staying home due to a lockdown in my country.

During this global pandemic, since I have basically been cooped up in my house, I try to use my time doing other productive things. Some of them I will be writing about in this blog.


I run an Instagram page on stories and poems called The InkRush(  Since the lockdown I have been able to pay more attention to it and increase engagement on our page. Writing has always been something I use to pen my thoughts and express myself. I try to use whatever I have learned at Arena to make our page even more interesting.



In the past few years I managed to get very little time to explore things that I like doing. One of my hobbies had always been trekking but since I can’t really do that for now I tried to divert my mind to exploring other options, two of which would be calligraphy and quilling. I had learnt quilling in school for a project but loved it as an art and now I finally have the time to continue. In my father’s side of the family everybody has learnt calligraphy in their early years and hence I do too.

  1. GAMES

In the past few weeks that I have spent entirely with my family, my parents have taught me so many card and chit games that they played when they were younger. We play a lot of ludo and snakes and ladders too.


I have learnt a lot of things from this pandemic, most important would be that its very important to take out time for yourself and your family because even though they are here with us today, they might not be tomorrow.

Its very important to respect and let the experts do what they do best and help them in any way we can. We shouldn’t take anything for granted and be grateful for whatever we have.

Lastly, I would like to say that even though this is a really scary time for all of us, it is in our best interest to stay positive, stay at home and stay connected (only via social media though).

-Eshani Singhania

Student of Arena Animation -Park Street

This too shall pass

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Hello Readers, my name is Yukta Modi. I am pursuing Graphics, Web Design and Development- plus (GWDD+ – 1st semester) from Arena Animation, Park Street.

This is my first blog ever. In this blog I would like to grab your attention towards bright side of this pandemic and how people should be spending their time during this lockdown period due to Covid-19 pandemic to avoid stress and anxiety.

13th April, 2020 – Today when I’m writing this, the official lockdown is till 30th April, 2020. Since the numbers of Corona patients are soaring up drastically, nobody believes the government is going to lift off the lockdown anytime soon. Almost everyone is going through a rough phase and finding it challenging to deal with the abrupt change in their lifestyle.

Everyday we are flooded with the news about the negative impacts of Coronavirus. So, allow me to make you look at the bright side of it.

  1. Spend Quality time with family

I used to spend majority of my time in college or doing my tuition work. If you are like me who used to spend a significant part of your time in office or at work, it is a perfect chance to make it up to your family. Now that you are presented with the opportunity to stay at home 24/7, you can make it enjoyable.

  1. Do what you love

“You can either choose to spend every day like a Sunday or like a Monday.”

I’m lucky to keep myself engaged with the help of the online classes that Arena Animation have been conducting thrice a week. I’ve always loved doodling and painting and now I have time to do that as well. To all those people who used to make excuses about not having enough time to do what they love, now is the time. Cook new dishes, learn new languages, learn instruments, write blogs, paint, exercise and the list goes on and on. I’d like to share with you all my artworks that I made during this lockdown period. ­


  1. Read good books and novels

Reading books is a habit of the highest standard. It expands your intellectual ability and multiplies your wisdom. The more you read, the more your perception gets clearer, and the more you gain knowledge. This is will help you to exercise your mind and come out of the lockdown as a wiser and better version of yourself.

  1. Use internet to your maximum benefits

Instead of scrolling through the Covid-19 memes, you can use Internet to your advantage. The internet is one of the coolest things you can take advantage of during the current situation. If you have a good internet connection, YouTube is a great platform to spend time while learning new skills and techniques.

  1. I can finally hear birds chirping

Take a minute to go out on your balcony and answer my question with honesty. Did you ever observe Mother Nature like this before? If you’re honest, the answer should come “NO”. Air and water in the rivers are getting cleaner, blue skies are now visible across cities and you can finally hear birds chirping. Let me give you a fun fact that will show you the positive ecological impact of this lockdown :-

A scientist from Stanford University has done a research regarding the falling PM 2.5 levels (particulate matters, one of the major reasons of air pollution) and concluded that Coronavirus lockdown likely saved 77,000 lives in China in just one month by reducing the pollution level.

I’d like to conclude by saying that please make the most of your time during Corona Virus (Covid-19) Lockdown. Stay positive and use the time for productive activities to enhance your skills. Do not lose hope.

Storms don’t last forever and like every other storm, this too shall pass.

Yukta Modi

Student of Arena Park Street

Mann Me Hai Vishwaas


Hello Viewers, I am Bhavna Agarwal pursuing DADM (Digital Advertising & Digital Marketing) 2nd semester from Arena Animation Park Street.

Guys, this is my second blog about the second seminar of second semester. This was my wonderful experience about the seminar on “LEAP OF FAITH”. Now the question comes what is Leap Of Faith? If you people are doing something and though you are not sure whether it will be right or wrong, take a Leap Of faith and trust on it.

We all the students of GWDD, GWDD+, DADM, & PP (Print & Publishing) have gone through this birth giving phase. The seminar took on 14th December, 2019 in THOR LAB. The seminar is conducted by Mr. Somnath Chakraborty Sir followed by Mr. Ramesh Ruia Sir and Harsh Ruia sir.

First session has been taken by Ramesh Ruia sir. He told us about the pipeline of industry. He shared his own real life story which he had in his school time. That teacher was a gymnastics teacher, who used to make the student jump through a fire ring, same as our mentor Somnath sir.

Ramesh Ruia Sir told us that the software’s which we are learning are not sufficient to build our career. The main thing is that we have to faith in our mentor and then our success will chase us.

Our next session has been taken by Mr. Somnath Chakraborty Sir. He is very passionate towards his and his students’ works. Actually he is the man who knows how to build a student’s career. He had made this interactive session of seminar by asking students “What to do & what not”?

He also taught us about the importance of Faith, which one has to keep in their mentors to achieve their goal. Guys even Sir also told us about ‘How to do work with the team’. Sir told us about how to create faith in yourselves, when you that you have faith in your mentor.

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We all had gone through this birth giving phase and a new inspiration has created in our minds for our future. It wasn’t the seminar only but it’s a entire survey of students lives at the end Sir has arranged many games for us through which we have learned a very good lesson that Teamwork and Intelligence wins the championship. Only that time I knew what is team work? I have also learned how industry works. All the time you have to be genius in front of industry otherwise industry will supply your place.

Readers one more thing we the students of Arena Animation Park Street have posted a vlog based on this seminar in YouTube channel. So, please like, comment, and share it.


After conceptualizing all these things we have reached at a single point “Believe In yourself & You Will Be unstoppable. This seminar will always be a very memorable one for me because it taught me a lot of things that will help me to grow and achieve my goals. I am very glad to be a part of this seminar.

Thank you for reading my blog. I will come up with some more blogs and vlogs with new contents, so please stay connected with me on following links:






Greetings to my viewers.

Hey, everyone!

Let me introduce myself, I am Chandrika Adikary pursuing GWDD (Graphic Design and Web Development) 2nd semester in Arena Animation, Park Street.

This is my first blog where I will be sharing my experiences related to our recent seminar attended by me. It has been a life-changing lesson for me. Each day I learn something new and interesting and this time I came through a new topic which was “LEAP OF FAITH”.

The seminar took place on 14th December, 2019 in “Thor Lab” with all the GWDD, GWWD+ & DADM students of Arena Animation, Park Street. This is known to be the most valuable seminar for those students who are willing to make their career.

According to the topic , “Leap of Faith” is to believe in something uncertain. And if you take a “Leap of Faith”, you do something even though you are not sure it is right or you will succeed. So, take a Leap of Faith and trust them. The seminar was conducted by our mentor, Mr. Somnath Chakraborty Sir. He has a different personality and doesn’t believe in traditional teaching method. And that’s why he has started training us for the industry, where we have to show our skills.

The seminar started with Mr. Ramesh Ruia Sir’s speech, which motivated us from inside. He shared his personal industrial experiences with us. Through his speech we received many positive vibes. Thank you sir for taking such initiative towards us.

Then the seminar was continued by our very own Somnath Chakraborty Sir. This man is a real genius; he knows how to build a student’s career. Through his lectures he made the students aware about the do’s and don’ts in an interview. He arranged an interactive session, where he asked us to question him, and he gave all the answers in such a manner that made us believe in ourselves. This session also taught me about the importance of Faith, which one has to keep on the mentor to achieve their goal. Sir told us Leap of Faith is not an easy thing, and once you start following it you can’t take your step back. In short, one can keep their faith on someone whom they trust, as it is not an easy process to reach the final goal.

Sir always encourages us to work like a team and trust me guys on the seminar day I came to know what a real team work is called. By the end of the seminar sir arranged two interesting games for us where we were divided into two teams. And that moment taught us the value of bonding. The game had a valuable effect towards everyone because through this entertainment Sir made us recognize the actual meaning of Faith. After attaining this seminar I got very much serious about my career. Such a brainstorming session is an ultimate need for every generation.

Thanks to our respected mentor Somnath Sir who made us explain our worth. Would also like to thank Mr. Ramesh Ruia Sir who gave me this platform where I am getting to learn so many things and also providing us with a lot of opportunities.

Well that’s all for today. Will try to return with some more experiences. Hope you all get motivated through my blog. Thank You.

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The Memorable Seminar



Hello readers!

I am Suchona Nandi  pursuing GWDD+ 2nd semester in Arena Animation Park Street. This is my second blog about my first ever seminar attended in Arena Animation Park Street.The theme of the seminar was the “ Leap Of Faith”. The meaning of Leap Of Faith is an act of believing something that is not easily believed. The seminar took place on 14th December,2019 from 1 pm. The students of  GWDD, GWDD+, DADM, & PP(Print & Publishing) participated in the seminar.

Mr. Ramesh Ruia sir gave an introduction speech. He told us the story behind the theme. He shared his own real-life story about a teacher he had in school. That teacher was a gymnastics teacher, who used to make the student jump through a fire ring. He conducted that act for many years, but not a single student ever got hurt. This is because the teacher was reliable and the students used to trust him blindly. This is what leap of faith is when one person can believe another person and do some unbelievable act.

Then Mr. Ramesh Ruia sir told was that he want our Arena Animation Park Street to be a center of excellence so that the student can be fit for every job they get. The thought which pulls us back and does not let us achieve success is that we think we are learning software only. Whereas this should be on our mind that we are learning Graphic Designing or Web Designing with the help of some software. The main thing that sir told us, again and again, is that we need to have a leap of faith on our mentor, this will be the first key to open the box of success. He ended his speech by saying that the students need to work hard, create a center of excellence, and take a leap of faith to achieve his/her goal.

Then our mentor Mr. Somnath Chakrabarty sir came, and he told us that he will divide the proceedings into four parts. The first part was, the students need to ask questions to sir about jobs and interviews and any kind of technical questions. So we all asked questions to sir about every doubt we had regarding interviews and jobs. The second part was more or less the same as the first part, but there was something more, which sir discussed with us. Sir showed us the body language we need to maintain while we are going for an interview. He also showed us what we should not do in an interview. Then he told us how we should be prepared mentally and be confident but not overconfident. The third part of the event was all about the leap of faith agreement. Leap Of Faith Agreement is an agreement where a student needs to take an oath that he/she will take the leap of faith  and will complete his/her work. Then sir selected 5 of our seniors who are capable of taking the Leap Of Faith agreement. The last part of the event was the most interesting one. Sir arranged for two games which were full of fun and lesson. The first game was, there were two teams, one of the team members was blindfolded and a few paper cups were placed on the floor in front of her in a very haphazard manner, and the blindfolded person had to cross the cups without touching it. The directions were given by the leader of the team.  This is a very easy example of a leap of faith because it showed that a blindfolded person had to put each and every small step with the leader’s instructions, and if she does not listen to the leader then she will never be able to achieve her goals.  The next game was with balloons, where two different teams were made, and between each member, a balloon was kept. Now everyone had to move slowly so that not a single balloon falls. This showed that in a team project, every member’s contribution is very important, and if any one fails, the whole team will fail.

As much we enjoyed the game,we learnt very good and effective lessons too. This seminar will always be a very memorable one for me because it taught me a lot of things that will help me to grow and achieve my goals. I am very glad to be a part of this seminar.

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Hello readers! I am Suchona Nandi pursuing GWDD+ 2nd semester in Arena Animation Park Street. This is my very first blog. I always wanted to write a blog, but never got much confidence to write one.

So here I am writing this blog about the  of welcoming freshers to the Thor Lab.

On 27th November , my 1st Semester was completed and from 3rd December my 2nd semester started with Mr. Somnath Chakrabarty sir. On 10th December, 2019 we were said to be present at 12 pm. Exactly at 12, we were asked to get inside the Thor Lab and we were welcomed by the seniors clapping and saying “Welcome to Thor Lab”. Our mentor Mr. Somnath Chakrabrty sir gave a small introduction speech and then introduced us one by one with the seniors. Then he introduced the seniors with us.

The seniors took the initiative to start the orientation. They asked us about our experience in 1st semester, and how much we are enjoying the new class. Then they told us  about their experiences with sir and what we should do and should not do in class .The seniors were so friendly and loving that we felt very comfortable to share our thoughts with them. They were very much inspiring. They even gave us gifts as a token of love. We also got to know about the activity that takes place every month. They showed us the videos they have made as  activity work and shared how much they enjoyed doing those. We enjoyed a lot with the seniors. Even an alumni visited the orientation for us . She is soo great that she talked about her experiences, when she was  a student. She is also  an inspirtion to us.

The day ended with lots of laughter and fun. This will always be a memorable day for me. I can’t thank enough to the seniors and our mentor for arranging such  lovely orientation day. I feel very overwhelmed to be a part of Arena Animation Park Street

Thank you for reading my blog. I will come up with more blogs with some new contents.

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