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‘LIFE BEFORE AND AFTER JOINING GWDD’ by Ritika Gupta ,GWDD,Arena Animation,Park Street


Hello Readers,

There comes a few events in our lives, which changes our lifestyle, our habits, and the way we look up to things that comes in our way. These changes may be negative or positive. Few changes may build you, while others may totally destroy you. Changes comes either to make us or break us. And one such change came into my life which I would want to share with all my readers.

Before joining GWDD, I worked as a Dance Instructor at Sangvi Dance Centre but due to some major health issues, I had to quit dancing. And hence, the gap between leaving this job and joining GWDD at Arena Animation Park Street happened to be nearly 6 months. These 6 months were the worst 6 months of my life where I had nothing to do. My self-confidence became zero and I used to sit idle just wondering what really I can do with my career. My morale gradually gone down and I felt no less than a loser. One fine day, my Dad made me realize that I had a creative skill in myself which I can use in building up my career further. And after days of research and self-interrogation, I finally joined Graphics & Web Designing and Development (GWDD) at Arena Animation Park Street. Since that day my life completely changed. I regained my confidence back and I started enjoying my classes and learning something so fresh and new. Everyone in my family started appreciating my choice of choosing this course. My teachers made me realize my potential and filled me with an utmost zest of creating something new each day and becoming successful someday. I started working on my assignments and even started my own page as a Freelancer on Facebook, thorugh which I started getting orders for works. And finally, I was earning again, be it in small amount, but the happiness was unmatchable. I was no more idle and never called myself a loser again. I am very much happy and really feel blessed that I chose GWDD as a career.

I would like to conclude with the statement, “Changes are a way of life”, because if we live the life in the same genre, it will become monotonous and uninteresting. To add the spice in life, changes are necessary. And the way this course changed me, I wish and hope that one day I would definitely stand up on my own feet, and make everyone around me proud and happy.

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Art of getting what you want:


By Bhaswati Ghosh,GWDD

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

– Walt Disney.

This is one my favourite quotes and I try to follow this. We are very familiar with “Hard work pays off”. So one thing is  sure that dreaming is not  enough. To achieve something we need to work hard, have to be focused . As a kid almost everyone has to face a very common question, that  is “boro hoye ki hobe”?( What will you become in future?) . To be very honest  I don’t have any specific answer . Every parents have a desire to make their kids as  a doctor or engineer in near future . But I am very lucky that my parents given me that opportunity of  freedom to choose. And personally, I myself don’t want to follow the same path. I’m willing to explore something new, something creative, in which I can use my own ideas,where I have the scope to express  myself. Work by following same old rules each n everyday it’s not my cup of tea.  I can work hard for a purpose which will give me satisfaction at the end of the day. I know walking down a new path is not easy, there will be obstacles, and there will be chances to get lost. But taking risk is better than regretting .I will try my best, I have to.

The work of the graphic designer is to make sure that the graphic designing  conveys the emotions and answers all .Nowadays  in this field there is lot of scope. Graphics & Web designing  is a great career option. So I choose to enter this field & to become professional. That’s why I got admitted in the GWDD (Graphics, Web designing & Development) course in Arena Animation, Park Street.  With the immense help of my teachers, I’m gradually learning new things every day. By attending the seminar, master class getting lot of information about the graphic and web industry and its technological side, which will surely help me to achieve my goal. I also want to mention the monthly activity we do , that helps me to gain the basic idea of what is “team work” . I am a newbie in the web platform, looking forward to learn more from my teacher and to become a professional graphics & web designer under  their guidance.

Lastly I want to share what I truly feel, that failure, getting depressed, criticism is part of life, we can’t skip this. But belief in yourself, courage to struggle, maintaining safe distance from negative people & thoughts  helps us to keep going , that’s the art of getting what we want. NEVER GIVE UP.

Art of getting what you want:


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To start with the common concept of dance being the body movements,the postures ,the grace etc the set pattern in minds generally,and my normal self agrees with that too.But unfortunately my abnormal side would call dance as life.For me dance is nothing but me in the best form revealing my emotions,my passion,my dedication,my thoughts and every little thing in my day to day life.

My life’s very early stages itself was dedicated to my love ,my passion giving me recognition in my school and giving me a boost overall to present myself confidently in front of others ,we all need it ,don’t we?

Moving ahead with my life when I had to take a pause for my board examinations life had taken a weird turn making me a fat chubby girl which was not even the last thing i would want really .Thereby after finishing up my exams I planned to join back giving me fresh vibes and positivism all around because it was getting back what I loved,and within 6 months life took the biggest turn of making my passion my ticket to self independence .yes I was offered to join as an instructor,training happened appointed too giving my parents “THE MOMENT”of being proud parents .Studying went together too struggled hard to manage both now I am about to finish my 6th year as a head dance instructor of one of the most reputed dance institute “SANGVI” which yes promotes and preaches the mantra of DANCE TO EXPRESS.Dance has really twisted my life in the best way making me what I am today confident,independent and a better person for sure.“DANCE _A MELODRAMA OF LIFE”

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blog_ritika_guptaWHY I CHOSE GWDD AS A CAREER

Hello, this is Ritika Gupta, an aspiring Graphics & Web designer. Well, if it comes to choosing GWDD as a career option, I have got a bundle of reasons for it. First of all, I believe in the saying of “ make your hobby a profession”, and creativity and designing has always been in my hobby list. Moreover, GWDD has a vast scope, it is the base of marketing in today’s time. A company, small or big, needs to have a logo, a brand package, and sometimes a website of its own as well, and for that, we designers are recruited.

GWDD has its own beauty, the best part being unbouned-creativity , in this particular profession, you can spill all your imagination on to your creations. Graphics is applied everywhere, basically for the promotion and recognition purposes. This beauty is what I appreciate the most. Whenever I get an oppurtunity to create something, I feel delighted that there are no rules that are going to bound my work, I can create what my mind feels like.

Most importantly, GWDD allows me to explore new horizons of the designing world, where I can use my knowledge, skills and creativity to the optimum. Today’s time is just a “button-press” time, you press a button on your smartphone and it takes you to your desired destination, and in this we designers play the most vital role.

Basically, GWDD allows me to contribute to the modern upliftment of the society and also explore and put down my imagination & creativity to the best use.

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Are you the sort of person others could look to and say, “I want to be like this guy/girl?” Are you using your words wisely to build others up? Or are you tempted to bring people down and seek attention for yourself? Before we open our mouths to speak about anyone else, we must always ask ourselves two questions: Is what we are going to say true? And is what we are going to say strengthen others?

For some reason, good news doesn’t spread as quickly as bad news. But one thing is certain: Gossip and talking about others behind their backs angers God. What you watch read and listen to can affect how you speak.  If you want to use your words to build others up, it would help to look at the books, shows, movies and music you love and see if they are going to promote good language and positive communication. You don’t have to only read spiritual books.  But try to read, listen to and watch things that are likely to get you using loving words.

Even though the tongue is small, it can make a lot of difference. If you realize your words have hurt another person, instead of feeling guilty, ask for forgiveness from those you may have insulted. We will never win a heart over by insulting someone. Winning a heart is done in, and through, love. Our words matter and we need to speak the truth in love.


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NAZISH ULLAH, August 24, 2016

for blog

Hello friends, my name is NAZISH ULLLAH and I am pursuing my GWDD course from


“I want to keep learning,  keep exploring , keep doing more”-JESSYE NORMAN. This above quote is my favorite , because this is really what I always want to do .

It  took me several  years  to work out for my ideal career based on my inner choice and skills. To be very honest  I  have  difficulty envisioning  what I really want to do , or expect from myself. I have chosen   this  platform  GWDD  to develop  and enrich my hidden talents. I want to give right direction and focus on  my career  to build my skills first to pursue my purpose of life.

After  giving  birth to my daughter I just stop dreaming about my own choices , because  continuously  busy  playing  my  role of motherhood.  Even though I  was enjoying it , but at the same time missing  myself  , a person who has a quest for knowledge to enlighten  and  upgrade oneself.

Thankfully  after  several  years  of gap I have  realized my  ideal  platform  to  opt  as a  career  with the help of my  husband. He  always encouraged  me  to learn  those subject , which is relevant to latest technologies ,  and very demanding in the market.

After  doing  research  on  internet  ,  we found  that  this GWDD course  will  be  the best  preference for me to opt for, as it is a combination of creativity and  programming.  I can update myself  and earn good amount to  stand on my own  feet. I will be independent  to earn and  explore ,  without depending  upon  my husband for each single thing.

I  have given  first preference , to join at ARENA PARK STREET because  it is very close to my daughter’s  school.   It’s  just  not  only giving me education but mental peace too,  I am very much satisfied with the healthy environment of this institute , which unites each one of us ,like a whole family.

One of the very important and main thing is , which I have come across  after joining here, is  that if the student have  dedication and is hard working , then faculty of APS will help them to achieve success and fulfill  his or her dream.

This course will not only make us independent, confident but the most important thing is ,it will up to date ourselves with the latest  technology. We will not feel  lost in this field.

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How We Should Prepare Ourselves For Getting A Job In GWDD


Hello! I am Soubhik Nandi,  student of GWDD from Arena Animation, Park Street. Today  I have to narrate ” how to prepare ourselves in order to get a job”. We all know that we are about to enter in the professional field after completing the GWDD course with Arena Animation. Our teachers always says that, there is no shortcuts to get success. If you  work hard, success will come automatically. It is absolutely true. But only working hard will not serve the purpose. In my point of view, there is some aspects in professional world that one should mention. These are-

Positive Attitude: You must have positive attitude. These are chances that you will get lots of ups and downs in this way. Don’t lose your confident and stay positive. Never get upset. Whenever you fill upset ,spent the time by  listening song, playing game, playing music. For getting job you have to be very honest, transparent which is very important.

Practice & Research: Always you have to practice to your subject. Without practice and research you can’t get success in your professional life. You need to be innovative with  creative ideas.

Punctuality: Time and tide dose not wait for none. If you don’t respect the value of time, it will not respect you. So need to be punctual with your project, complete it on time.

Smart Work: Hard work is needed. But smart work is the key in your professional life. Repeating the same mistake everyone will lag behind of you.

Dedication & Sincerity: Love your work and do it with dedication & sincerity. It is very important to love your work. At the end of the day passion for doing the work will give you  a satisfaction which is endless.

According to me these are most important pillars to lay foundation of success.


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Amar Shohor, Amar Kolkata


“kak daka vor”, overhead ware,

The first tram on the empty road;

Even the daylight is not expand properly-

The layer of darkness…

A slight prying in a path of life.

The water is full to the brim

On Door-frame of the temple.

A strange busyness

On the road side tea shop.

Starting of a new day…

Starting of a busy life…

Good morning Kolkata!

Amar Shohor, Amar KolkataAfter going outside for 3 days from Kolkata it became a get out of breath for me because Kolkata is not only a city for me, it is my root. Balance of the Howrah Bridge, nostalgia of the coffee house, enthusiasm of the Victoria Memorial, vintage of the Trams, Art of the Kumartuli, Rabindranath Tagore, the Ganges,  Culture, Tradition & many more things are the soul of Kolkata & the Kolkata is the soul of mine. It just like a relationship for me where the each moment of my life since my childhood, my parents, school, friends, college are inlaid.

The city is the spectator of my happiness, sorrows, taste. Hospitality is one of the best quality of my city. During Durga Puja the city transforms into a different mood. Here every day is celebration and the celebration is for the Art, Culture & Tradition. It is a continual process. Generation after generation the tradition was maintained. There are no stories made from Kolkata, it itself is an example of a story. By keeping witness in the pages of history, it not easy to describe Kolkata if we want to know about Kolkata then we have to walk on the road of the city & feel the every layers of mood.

I am proud to say “Amar Shohor, Amar Kolkata” !!

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Why GWDD Students Must Know About SEO, Digital Marketing & Google Adwords?



Most of the newbie web designer or developer have a mindset that their work is finished once they complete the designing and coding of a website. But getting a website live on internet is just the first phase of online success. A website is of no use if it’s not getting enough targeted customer or if people do not know that such website even exists.

A web student should have at least a basic knowledge about SEO, Digital Marketing and Google AdWords. These are the tools which guarantees a website success. Learning these extra skills will not only help a GWDD student in getting better job but it will also help in better performance of the website in search engines where millions of websites are competing for exposure.

SEO stands for Search Engines Optimization. It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. These are the results which a user gets when they search for information’s on search engines

Digital marketing is the term used for promotion of products or brands or website via one or more forms of electronic media  via the Internet, social media, mobile phones and electronic billboards, as well as via digital and television and radio channels.

Google AdWords is an advertising service by Google for business wanting to display their ads on Google and its advertising networks. The advertising network have to get their website approved using Google AdSense program before they are allowed to display ads on their website. Google AdWords is an ad program which is used by millions of business every year. The keyword, when searched for triggers your ad to be shown. You can easily find these ads if you do a simple search, they are found at top of the search results. Go on try to search for “web hosting” on google and see if you can find any ads.

Hence I would like to conclude by saying that although learning to code should be the major priority of GWDD students but learning some extra skills can be of great importance in your career. If you find this information useful comment below and don’t forget to share it with your friends.