“Life Mei Sabse Bada Risk Hota Hai.. Koi Risk Na Lena..”



Sumaiya Rahman, Gwdd, 1st Sem, the perfect comfort zone. How happy those days were, flying in the sky and taking things for granted like they were supposed to be like that! Who expected I would end up in a never ending hustle of GWDD, 2nd Sem? I started my journey three months ago, as a candidate of GWDD, 2nd Sem, apparently with the equipment I thought are sufficient. Eventually I realized those were nowhere close to what I need for accomplishment of my goal, my moto.

If you’re not equipped for your journey, probably you’ll return from the half way or get lost in the many hurdles which need equipment.

As the realization hit, changes flooded in. I started a search to upgrade  my equipment and get trained for the toughest part of the journey or the warfare. Change is the only constant in life and the true meaning of it is understood now.

The biggest of all can be the capability to be organized, whether that be the folder system on the desktop or personal life. A confused state of mind, trying to grab anything and everything on the way, filling the attic of brain with every knowledge possible and lots more literally degraded my performance and started spoiling my potential. A small habit of organizing the folder system clicked the right point  and tamed my thousands of thoughts wandering out of my control. Like knowledge, thinking can be good when it gives productive results. Unnecessary thinking or knowledge can astray the traveler from the destination. Though I am not yet a pro at it, but  beginning of such a habit is increasing my efficiency. And still the words ring in my ears,

“If you have PROPER planning, 90% of your work will be PERFECT”.

Somnath Sir.

Saying that, one more thing should be mentioned, i.e. a proper routine to organize our daily tasks. It is still fresh in my memory, how I used to wake up late in the morning and think for 5 minutes whether to leave my bed or to sleep longer. Using the phone at night was obvious and working was “mood dependent”. One afternoon and one line changed my sleeping habits and also the time of my work.

“Ebaba… Tumi phire chole jau. 9tai ghum theke uthle r web designer ba developer hote hobe na.”

Somnath Sir.

( English translation: If you have to wake up at 9 AM in the morning then you cannot be a web designer or developer. )

I still miss my bed more than anything else and now every morning I think, “When can I again sleep as I used to..”.

Often, more than 50% of our working time is not productive or we don’t manage to cover targeted areas. A proper routine distributes the time equally to all the small but important tasks and thus saving us from the obvious chaos. But the toughest part is to stick to the routine in thick and thins, which still seems difficult to me at times but trying is consistent, and the effects are visible. A routine can work as a catapult on your way, taking  you closer to your goal faster than you can think.

The Pinocchio Lab(our classroom), which became our second home in GWDD, 2nd Sem, undoubtedly incarnated few values in a very short period of time. It was here that I realized how important it is to spend quality time with family in spite of pascals of pressure on the shoulder and still carry a contagious smile, letting your loved ones know that you are doing good. I used to take my family’s love for granted and made usual mistakes which every youngster does, ignoring them for the sake of my virtual personal life. That made me understand that all they expect from us is our happiness and time, not the monetary things we possess or our so called attitude.

When talking about family it is mandatory to talk about the family not by blood but by relations and actions that this place has gifted me. “Me, my and myself” was the agenda before entering Pinocchio Lab. Well, it took some time but the magic finally happened. Individuals combined to become a team and move ahead together holding hands. Thus, “me” transformed to “we” making each one of us a leader in ourselves, installing the habit of dragging forward the members who are left behind.

All these happened in the right time and right place, when it should have happened. As said by our most beloved “Singham”,

Chatu Gorom Thakte Thakte Ruti Seke Nau”.

(“Tava garam rehte rehte hi roti seklo”.)

( English Translation: Bake the bread while the oven is still hot. )

Roti”  is still under process and the ingredients, flavors are still being added to it, making it better everyday.



Candles Of The Way( Dedicated to Seniors)


By- GWDD (2ndSem), (Sumaiya, Diksha, Shebi, Sumitra,Arindam, Rajnish , Bubai, Krishnendu)

We, GWDD students  were finally at the end of our first semester and an invitation to enter Pinocchio Lab, 3rd floor. The lab was famous, inviting numerous rumours .  Some said positive and some had negative thoughts. Both the comments left us, the new batch, in utter confusion. The first day wasn’t enough to make us feel like home in those four walls. The confidence to continue the course was in question and the only thing we wanted to know was “What will happen next?”.

It was the second day in the Pinocchio lab. Changing our old habits of coming late, all 8 of us were present in the waiting area of the third floor. Through the glass of the gate we all could see three people other than sir. Curious, we took the seats and waited for instructions from sir. After a while the four of them came out and entered a different room.  We thought sir would ask us to get inside and the usual classes would resume. Well after the first introductory class we all expected that & were unknown  of the events coming up!

As they all returned and had a small discussion, sir asked us to come inside one by one. One of us opened the door and noticed the chair stacked in a queue on the right while the three of unknowns stood on the left showering claps and smiles upon us. I must say, they knew how to make someone feel special. When curiosity was at the edge of exploding and excitement was visible sir introduced us to them. They were our seniors. It was the first time that we would ask about the cataracts and rapids and ups and downs and hurdles and obstacles and gardens and valleys coming ahead in the journey from trekkers who reached the summit. That couldn’t be a better experience.

After a while sir left us alone. Taking the advantage, we bombarded questions and they gifted answers. Soon we found ourselves comfortable in Pinocchio Lab, the ice was broken and worries were long lost.

The interactive session washed away most of the queries and anxiety from our mind. The transformation of the seniors to saviours and power house of support was quick and unnoticeable. But the effect was prominent and made everything fall into place.

What we thought to be the end, was the just the beginning. Irrespective of the time and problems we shared with them, they never turned their back, passively helping us to adapt to our new environment.  “Thank You” seemed to be two mere words, not matching their greatness and our gratitude.

A moment came when we realized that we were all a part of the family where protection, love, care and support was in abundance. And thus, they will never be detached from the Pinocchio Lab and from our mind. The mark they left  incarnated to a never forgettable lesson.



Debdatta Pal, GWDD, 2nd SEM (APS)

Hello readers! I am Debdatta Pal, a student of GWDD. While my course here is at the verge of completion, I would like to share my experience with you all.

Often there comes a moment in life when we may become so clueless about the path to continue our journey with, that our frustration and disappointment reaches a pinnacle. Well, I did face such moments and I guess many of you have as well. When stumbling among options to take forward my career with, one fine day I came across this very course, GWDD in Arena Animation – Park Street’s website. Even though I had some knowledge of Graphics but initially I was not much aware of the entire procedure of Web Design and Development. But when I gradually started learning it here, a new liking towards this subject started growing in me. You can say the subject is kind of addictive. The more I am engaging myself into it, day after day I am getting attached with it.

As everyone says, learning never stops. Whatever might be our passion towards, believing in ourselves and working hard immensely for it, is the ultimate key.

I have learnt that while trying to meet the deadlines, I could bring out the best of myself. Through learning GWDD, I have started to acknowledge so many of my positive sides I never knew I possessed. It’s as if I am able to unlock a new aspect of myself every day and thus re-discovering myself in the process. Also in the past months, I have got an opportunity to participate in a logo contest organised and certified by the Uttarakhand Government which has further motivated me to work harder.

A journey is associated with proper guidance and support. And my journey here wouldn’t have been possible without my parents’ support and my mentor Somnath Chakraborty sir’s guidance.  His vision and knowledge are what making this journey enjoyable and resourceful for me.

In today’s fast forward world, everyone thrives to get a work done within a blink of eye and thus making things as digital as possible. Hence, a career in Graphics, Web Design and Development is a perfect choice where there is scope of utilizing the gained knowledge in making a better tomorrow.


” Rishtey Mein Hum Sabke Baap Lagte hain , Naam Hain GWDD “


” Rishtey Mein Hum Sabke Baap Lagte hain , Naam Hain GWDD “- Subhra Ghosh, GWDD, 2ND SEM(APS)

Hi, Readers. I am Subhra Ghosh and this is my first blog. It is all about my journey so far with Arena Animation, Park Street in last 12months. I joined  APS for GWDD course on December of 2016 & I got a huge chance to rediscover myself.

As of now I want to share my journey in APS which has become very important & memorable  part of my life . To be honest I was not so serious in my 1stsemester for my course. But then I started realizing about my own life and career after joining in 2nd semester. My mentor Somnath Sir inspired me from day one when I joined my second semester. After few months, I realized that this is the thing that I wanted to do my whole life and in fact I gradually gained a lot of interest in this particular course. So, I started to do all the work that was needed and still doing so as per my mentor’s instructions with dedication and focus. In second semester I got a chance to become a team-leader as well as a photographer for all the activities that happened over the past few months. In this way , not being a professional  photographer , I somehow discovered that the photography was always there in me to a minimum. And I think you guys have seen the Activity and Mask-painting pictures that are clicked by me in the Social media platforms of Arena Animation, Park Street.

I am very thankful to the Pinocchio room where not only we have to study seriously, but we also listen to music often. I love all the activities that I have done here. The perfect example of how a class should be , is shown to me by the APS Pinocchio lab. Not only that , I have learnt how to cope up with effective pressure from Sir and completed all the Projects that were given to me so far , and that also within specific deadline. This type of pressure has shown me how to make a balance between my Class works and my personal life. To be honest , 3 days in a week with 2 hrs of class is not enough to get to know the subject  GWDD. So with less leisure time, personal enjoyments I had more time to study all that I was needed and still need. I got 3 more months to go but I want so say that I have loved each and every bit of it so far and want to keep on enjoying the time I have left here.

Therefore to all the people who are interested to take part in this course , let me tell you one thing that if you want to make a career out of yourself , GWDD(APS) is the ultimate destination. And by being less idle and more workaholic , you can create a better personality out of yourself with lot of self-esteem and respect as well as you give a little back to your parents and be their every penny’s worth.

I and my parents are very thankful to APS especially my mentor Somnath Chakraborty Sir for believing in me and helping me understand what I was meant to do with my life.




Phir Milenge……APS( GWDD )

Phir Milenge……APS( GWDD )Pooja_singh

Hi, Readers. I, POOJA KUMARI SINGH, back with my second blog. It is all about my journey with Arena Animation, Park Street in last 15 months. I joined  APS for GWDD course which is just completed on 30th November,2017 & I got my dream job which joining date is from 4th December,2017.

Before packing up my bags, I want to share my journey in APS which is very important & memorable  part of my life .Basically ,I was not so serious in my 1st semester for my course. I started realizing about my own life and career after joining in 2nd semester. My mentor Somnath Sir inspired me from the day one when I joined my second semester. After few months, I realized that I can also become independent & feel esteem about me & my family. So, I started to do hard work with dedication, punctuality, discipline & follow the guidelines whichever my mentor instructs. In second semester I got chance to become a team-leader. As a team-leader I learned how to coordinate with team members, to take the responsibility of every small things and to finish work within the given deadlines. On my first activity, as a team leader I failed to organize the things properly and for that my mentor scolded me and that day was the lesson to me for  whole life.

I have enjoyed my web lab (Pinocchio) room very much, not only we have to study seriously, but we also listen music often. I love all the activities , I have done here & desire to come back again in next activity. This 15 months of my  journey taught me a lot. I learnt here how to keep balance between my personal life & professional life. This is my last day with APS but it is professionally. I will remember all lesson which will help me in my near future. I and my parents are very thankful to APS especially my mentor Somnath Chakraborty Sir for believing and taking me there where I am today.

My First GWDD Activity Experience

image 3

Avani Jatia, GWDD, Arena Animation, ark Street.

Hi! I am Avani Jatia, a student of GWDD at Arena Park Street.

It was that time of the year where everywhere there was light and joy. So to spread the same message we decided to light up our activity board with full of excitement and enthusiasm. Arena Animation, Park Street has this trend of decorating the activity board based on the festivals. On 11th of October, the students of GWDD came together to work towards this. It was my first activity experience. As the theme was Diwali the students decided to make the art board bright and colourful. We started off by making a design of Rangoli at the bottom of the board. Keeping the Ganeshji and Lakshmiji as the main highlight, the rest of the board was filled with firecrackers and Swastik. The day was filled with creativity, music, laughter, teamwork and hard work. In the afternoon we all had tasty lunch with our teacher. Rangoli is a symbol of joy and happiness, which is why we decided to cover it with glittering, sparkling and festive colours. Our teacher not only teaches us to excel in the field but also to become down to earth and a good human being. The Pinocchio lab is not a classroom but like a second home to all the students.

I had the best experience and it taught me how to manage pressure and work together as a team. From the experience I also learnt time management because by five o clock the board was to be completed and put up on the first floor activity board.  At the end of the day our effort paid off and it gave us a lot of satisfaction. This day will never be forgotten and I am looking forward to many more.



Pooja Kumari Singh,GWDD,Arena Park Street

Hi,This is Pooja  Kumari Singh student of  GWDD course. I want to share my journey  at  Arena Park Street.

After my graduation, people suggested me  to do something stereotype course, but my bend of  my mind was  towards  web. Then I came to know about web designing course at APS and I decided to go to APS for  GWDD course. Then I attended few classes over  there and decided to be regular student and it felt like home to me.

At Arena my life is totally changed.  In web I came to know about the importance of Graphic and Web Designing. Our sir helped us from starting. He brings out best from us  and encourage us everyday He scold us because he care for us. He always motivated me to do practice and research more in class. Gradually, coding  become  important part of mine. Here ,no one can scare coding,programming.It is one of the life’s best lesson, not become only a web designer or web developer but also how to become a logical person.

Here I learnt about team work  and coordination. We sing, eat, do masti  and do work together.  The environment of APS is very friendly and faculty are also very helpful. The  associated web professional has a very good experienced and he share  knowledge without any boundary,  liberally with us. He is not only our faculty, or mentor, more than that , as a friend.He goes out of his way to help with any questions not covered in the course content. He puts his efforts to make his students career from the very first day of the course.

Its really  great institute for learning. I am thankful to APS for giving me a goal that I always wanted to achieve. Now I realize I have made the right decision to join APS.